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Ferocactus lecontei Engelmann

The species always has been confused with Ferocactus wislizeni, some writers considering it a distinct species, others only a variety or form, while Engelmann treated it at one time as a species and at another as a variety. We believe that it will eventually be proven to be a distinct species. This is the consensus of opinion of good field observers who have visited the western deserts.

Notocactus continued

I have mentioned earlier the difficulty of raising parodias from seed with any great degree of success and before leaving the genus it would be as well to elaborate on some of the instructions given on page 145. The compost in which the seeds are to be sown should be a proprietary seed compost rather than a special cactus seed compost and the seed tray should be tilled slightly proud, with the compost. Ideally the compost should be shaped so as to create a central mound which slopes very gradually to the sides of the seed tray. The difference in height, however, between the centre of the compost and the sides should not be more than half an inch (I cm) or so. The tray filled with compost should be dipped in a solution of some systemic fungicide such as benomyl and the fresh seed mixed with fine sharp washed river sand in the proportion of one part of seed to about four parts of sand. This sand and seed mixture should then be strewn over the damp surface of the compost and the whole...

Epithelantha Weber

Writers generally, as well as dealers of these plants, are disposed to treat the large forms of this species as a variety, var. greggii, but we have observed no reason except size for this conclusion. The large form seems to extend throughout the range of the species proper. In June 1921, Mrs. S. L. Pattison sent us from western Texas an unusually large plant which was nearly 8 cm. high and 6 cm. in diameter.