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Succulents are plants that store water in swollen leaves or stems, enabling them to survive long periods of drought They include some of the most amazing of all forms of plant life, surrealist in form and contour, often spectacular in the beauty of their flowers and bewildering in their ability to survive conditions fatal to most other plants. As house plants for a dry, sunny windowsill, or as cult objects for the connoisseur with a greenhouse or outdoor 'desert' garden, succulents find a growing band of appreciators, and their popularity has

Cacti are among the most familiar succulents, and an easy favourite with collectors for their general ease of growth and showy flowers. The Cactus Family includes about one fifth of the estimated 10,000 known succulents, distributed among many unrelated botanical Families and all richly rewarding to the collector in search of the unusual.

This book offers the first general treatment of succulents viewed as one component of the world's flora Part one deals with their natural history: how they differ from other plants, how they grow, flower and propagate, how they evolve, how they are classified and named, and how they can be cultivated indoors and in the garden. Succulents have suffered more than most plants from the destruction of their natural habitats, and suggestions are offered on the part growers can play in saving the

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