Rosetteforming Succulents

I have grouped together on this and the following four pages a miscellaneous group of succulents other than cacti which have little or no obvious stem and form rosettes at ground level. In this there is little botanical difference between these and the preceding group of mesembryanthemums but these plants are less singular in appearance and widely differing in their requirements. Related plants are described in the section on succulents with stems other than euphorbias. for example aloes and agaves. There are also various rosette-forming crassulas. or plants whose stems are so inconspicuous that one tends to overlook them.

It is impossible to generalize about the culture of this group. They nearly all produce offsets, although Agave americana may have to be very well established before it does so. and these can be rooted easily. The most frequently seen are the rosette-forming echeverias, described at the end of the section on pages 177 to 178, which are widely offered for sale as cheap pot plants and even occasionally used for bedding out by parks departments. Some succulents, such as the sempervivums. are completely hardy in Britain and can form a useful bridge as it were between the glasshouse succulents and the garden. The closely related Orosiackys spinosus is hardy in sheltered locations only.

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