With hard, woody stems and coarse unto have much to justify its name of Medinilla magnifica. However, the sight of mature plants some 6ft (2 m) in height heavily laden with pendulous pink flowers is enough to catch the breath of the most seasoned planisman. Plants may be grown from cuttings rooted in heat but as they are slow to get under way they may seem to be disappointing in the first couple of years. It takes at least this length of lime before they begin lo produce flowers in any quantity.

Warm, evenly heated conditions are importan!. and medinilla will need some protection from bright sunlight. Careful watering is, possibly, the one most important requirement for success if the growing conditions are correct. Careful watering often depends on potting plants properly at the outset, as no amount of proper watering will avail if the compost is inferior and the pots have not been adequately provided with drainage. With the medinilla it will be necessary to put a good 2-in (5-cm) layer of crocks in the bottom of the pot before the compost is introduced - it will also help if some coarse peat is placed over the crocks below the compost.

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