Of ihese, the red and silver foliagcd sorts have been with us and proving very difficult to care Tor almost as long as polted plants have been in existence. Finonia argyro-neurti has attractively silver-veined leaves, while F. verschaffehii has leaves that are veined in a dull red. For both of these shaded conditions are most essential, and the temperature should not Tall below 18' C (65 F). Moisture surrounding the plant is almost as important as water in the pot. so it is well to provide peat or moss as a plunging material into which plant pots can be buried to their rims. In a warm propagating case new plants can be raised from firm cuttings with two or three leaves attached.

Occasionally odd and almost inexplicable things happen in horticulture, and the appearance in recent years of the miniature form of the silver fittonia. F. a. nana, would seem to be something of a phenomenon.

parison with the more usual form, and the markings are equally attractive. But the strange part of it all is that the newer form is very much easier to care for than the parent from which it would seem to have sprouted. The miniature form is likely to have a considerable future as a potted plant for use in dish and bottle gardens, and plants arc required. A peaty compost is essential, as is the need for shade and careful watering.

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