The Latin name for the species illustrated above is Echinofossulocactus. although rather sadly many now think it should be called Slenocactus. The former name is far more descriptive and refers to the appearance of the plant which is reminiscent of a cross between a hedgehog and a ploughed field. The ribs are very numerous and are deeply waved forming an irregular pattern round the sides of the stem. Echinofossulocactus hastatus has up to thirty of these low lacy ribs surrounding the low. almost spherical, pale green plant bodies. Ultimately the plant will attain a diameter of over a foot (30 cm) but it is extremely slow growing. The areoles are well spaced from one another and support five or six straw-coloured radial spines and a solitary central spine over an inch (2-5 cm) in length.

The pale yellow flowers are quite freely produced in succession from early spring till midsummer on specimens of four years

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