Aeoniums are generally unsuitable for the smaller collection or for an amateur. The ones most commonly offered for sale tend to make rather large specimens in time and need a maximum temperature of 10 C (50°F) in winter which it is difficult to give them indoors. In summer they will benefit from being placed outside in their pots. but. because they need a fair amount of moisture. it is a good idea to sink the pots in the soil so that the water can be conserved. The dowering branches of many species die back and some of them tend to be reluctant to produce fresh breaks below the inflorescence so it is a good idea to save the seed and sow it in August when it is quite fresh, thus ensuring a continuity of supply for the plants. The species illustrated. Aeonium urboreum alropurpureum, is one of the most attractive ones. The rosettes of purple leaves are carried at the top of long slender stems and it is quite normal for the lower leaves to fall off with age. There arc various other forms of A.arboreum: a white and green variegated form called A. a. albovariegalum and a yellow and green form called A. a. luleovariegalum. There are also a few cristate forms which have a very striking appearance.

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