ance when young when it closely resembles a lithops. is a member of the Crassulaceae and this becomes apparent as soon as its flower is produced. Although always sold as A. cooperi, and therefore illustrated and described under this name here, it is more probable that it is really A.feslivus. the A. cooperi of botany being now unknown in cultivation. A.feslivus has short, wedge-shaped leaves, flattened and slightly crenellated at the tips. They are grey green in colour and flecked and mottled heavily with darker reddish markings. A curious feature of this plant is the production of aerial roots from the stems which clearly differentiates it from the mesembryanthemums.

Another adromischus frequently offered for sale is A. maculatus. This develops a stem when much younger and ultimately forms a small trunk 4in (10cm) in height. Otherwise it is similar in appearance to the previous species, the flowers, which are produced on a long stem, being rather small and white lipped with pink.

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