Succulents in the garden

William likes most plants but uses only those that are practical in his scheme of gardening. Plants with very low maintenance requirements and a strong year round visual appeal are especially desirable. To enjoy the most with the least effort, succulents, grasses and strappy leaved plants have been more widely used. Through experimentation over the years those plants which might have seemed desirable but have not performed well have been rejected. As you might expect, succulents have proved to be able to handle the harsh conditions, and their usage, with and around other plants, has now come to prominence in this garden.

** Cotyledon macranlha coming into flower with two small plants of Senecio mandraliscae in the foreground. Part of an Aloe arborescens can just be seen on the far right.

Pinks and blues go well together in a tapestry with green. Craptoveria 'Huth's Pink' in the foreground with blue Senecio mandraliscae behind.

There is nothing bare or dry looking about this picture. Echcvcria tmbrtcata looking very much like a flower.

5 already set anc nto the picture.

A* A blend of leaf shapes and colours. The bergenia to the left need not flower to be effective, but the flowers are an added bonus for a few weeks each

* This stunning specimen of Aloe maculata (formerly Aloe saponaria) boldly contrasting with the mostly green foliage around it.

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