Near the house

The garden hose can only reach so far. Even so, any plant used around or near the house has to have the ability to survive without watering. Alexander spends many months at a time overseas and has to leave the garden unattended. Succulents, while not the only plants that he grows, are by far the best performers.

V The most important thing of all in creating a successful succulent garden is good planning. Note the slightly raised garden beds which improve drainage.

« This former rose garden area is dissected by pathways creating four display beds, each with a differ-

Z This is more of a stone garden than anything else Three large Yucca roscrata with a small notocactus planted in swirls.

This garden bed is geometric in design. In the foreground is Senecio serpens radiating out from the centre with a green Crassula arborescens var. undulatifolia used between each row. A raised bed in the centre begins with mondo grass with a central grouping of silver white Cleislocactus strausii.

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