Near the house

«4 Against the wall of a gazebo and entertainment area is this planter box of different jade plants. The outer two are Portulacaria afra (good luck Chinese jade), and the inner two are both forms of Crassula ovata (Chinese money trees). The association of good luck and good fortune in using these two plant types is no coincidence.

S Strawberry pot planted with three echeverias from left to right. Echeveria agavoides, Echeveria 'Lucita', Echeveria subsessilis, with a green cascading branch of Senecio petreac.

? Crassula arborescens var. undulatifolia shown here flowering in early summer. It has a very compact growing habit.

4 Seasonal new growth is an attractive red.

5 Commercial plantation of Brachychiton rupesliis. Each plant displays individual characteristics which arc accentuated by pruning.

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