4 A closeup of the green form of Sedum mexicanum beginning to flower. It flowers from tens of thousands of tiny buds (see picture bottom left which was taken two weeks later).

« Sedum mexicanum (green form) is one of the first sedums to flower in late spring when it produces a carpel of liny yellow siar-like (lowers. During [lowering il has expanded to be many times its original size, after which the exhausted plani. appearing to shrink, dies back to a smaller size.

^ In the background is Sedum mexicanum exploding into flower. In the foreground is Sedum nudum which will soon begin to flower (see below).

J Four to six weeks later Sedum nudum begins to flower while behind it Sedum mexicanum (green form) dies back, with (lowering finished. This picture is taken at a different angle from the photo on the left.

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