Arranging and mixing pots

All the succulents are in pots of various types and sizes. Diana finds that the type of pot makes all the difference to how the plant looks. Of course, there is the added bonus of being able to move the potted plants into arrangements that would otherwise not be possible if planted in the garden.

<< Bringing the best plant forward can be enjoyable, especially when visitors come over.

A large decorative concrete pot, mass planted with Craptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum nussbaum-erianum, (brownish-golden leaves). This pot was planted up four years ago.


Echeverias on show Diana has refined her pleasure with succulents over time to the point where the genus Echeveria now dominates her choice of plants. This is partly due to their neat flower like leaf arrangements, which go well with her floral interests elsewhere. While echeverias prevail, the courtyard also contains semper-vivums, aeoniums, kalanchoes and aloes, all of which provide additional texture and leaf forms.

£ Echeveria 'Fasciculata'

Z There is no shortage of flowers or colour from these echeverias. On the left is Echeveria multicaulis. The * Echeveria 'Bittersweet' large leaves of Echeveria 'Bittersweet' are on the right.

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