A cactus garden

Jim and his family operate a vegetable farm on a large country property. Whenever Jim has spare time he heads out to his desert garden of cactus and other succulents. However, having to work the vegetable business very intensively on a seasonal basis cuts severely into recreational time in the garden. What first began as an interest in cactus, passed down from his father has seen Jim transform the vacant land near the house into a desert scene. Cactus are his main pleasure, proving themselves time and again to be perfect garden subjects for him as they can go without care for months on end. The perfect plants for a busy farmer. Recent years have seen Jim expand the area of the garden to cover several acres.

? Jim is a tall man at over 2 meters and yet he appears dwarfed alongside this big Ferocactus horridus. This fruit laden specimen is over forty years old.

i Cereus peruviamis, here growing large enough to cast shade onto the pathway and seats beneath the arching branches.

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