To The Grower Or Collector At Home

• DO make successful cultivation your prime objective, not the size of your collection or the rarity of the plants.

• IX) NOT buy any plant unless you are sure it was nursery grown; remember that your choice will influence the seller's market.

• DO not buy wild-collected plants, even if with the aim of saving the 'individual'. We want to save the species, not the specimen. Only when importers see their wild-collected plants rotting because nobody buys them will they stop the importation of wild-collected plants.

• DO enjoy the satisfaction of raising from seed. Some of the rare or 'difficult" species will test your skill and patience, but reward your success accordingly!

• DO record when and from whom you got your plants or seeds and ask your source for any data: collectors' numbers, locality, and so on. All these are just as vital to the serious enthusiast as the name of the label.

DO try to propagate rare and documented material and distribute it to other enthusiasts. Remember the proverb: To keep a plant, give it away!

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