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Status of the species under the CITES (up-dated as at March 1992): App. I = species listed in Appendix I App. II = species listed in Appendix II

The colour photographs were taken in a number of public and private collections and commercial nurseries or in the habitat. The colour and shape of individual plants depend on their geographical position and the type of greenhouse or glasshouse in which they are grown and on the attention they receive from the grower. Plants also vary according to the time of year. During resting periods they may shrink, have fewer leaves or acquire a reddish tinge. Plants grown in sunny positions and plants that receive little water may also have a reddish tinge, while those grown in shade and that receive plenty of water are greener. For these reasons the colour and form of the plants illustrated may vary slightly from the descriptions of the type species.

The author who published the present name; where applicable the name of the author who originally described this species in a different genus or rank is given in brackets

Range of distribution of the species

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