We would like to thank Luca Magagnoli for his encouragement and for his help in locating interesting plants; Andrea Cattabriga for many useful suggestions; Annarosa Nicola and Pasquale Ruocco for supplying transparencies; Sara Oldfield for permission to reprint extracts from the IOS Code of Conduct; Rosemary Anderson of Cassell and Lydia Darbyshire for their assistance in preparing the manuscript; and all the nurserymen, private collectors and keepers of public collections who gave permission for plants in their collections to be photographed. We would also like to thank Dr Ger van Vliet, Plant Officer, CITES Secretariat, for the chapter on CITES, which unfortunately had to be shortened for reasons of space.

The plants illustrated are shown in habitat and in the authors' collections. They have also been photographed in the public collections of the Botanical Garden of the University of Bologna, the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo, the Garden of the National Herbarium of Namibia, Windhoek, and the Succulent Collection of the City of Zurich; the private collections of Andrea Cattabriga, Viviana Didoni, Annarosa Nicola and Pasquale Ruocco; and the nurseries of Luciano Crevenna, Bergamo, Cactus Centre, Florence, Lalla Pelliconi, Ravenna, and Anna Peyron, Turin.

All the photographs were taken by Pierfranco and Daniele Costanzo unless otherwise stated on page 240, and without their help the publication of this dictionary would not have been possible. Thanks also to Pierfranco Costanzo for drawing the line illustrations.

Special thanks are due to Marina Di Stefano Sajeva for her patience and support during the preparation of this book.

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