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Photography Explained

Ken Duncan and Leo Meier are two key contributors to the designing and creation of this helpful guide book. Ken Duncan is an experienced and an expert photographer who started at a time when no one offered any such a guide to upcoming photographers. This eBook helps you on how to take pictures with a WOW factor. This helps you to get those wow shots, the author wants to make sure every person in the industry will understand your photography and would want to hire you. The authors guide you from the point of buying your digital camera to the point of taking quality photos that everyone wants to see. You will get some insights about the focus length, lenses, light and how to make light work for you and much more. This program is intended for photographers especially beginners who have not yet sharpened their skills. Though, it can work well for other photographers who want to advance their photo taking skills. The main program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means your Device should support PDF files to be able to read it. Continue reading...

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Get Paid For Pictures

If you are like most people in the world, you have a smartphone with a batter camera than most digital cameras had less than 5 years ago. Why just take normal pictures when you have a way that you can make money from those pictures that you have already taken? That's right, all that it takes is for you to upload your pictures to any site mentioned in this book, and we can have those on the market, ready for you to start making real cash from them! Your high-quality photos could easily become great-quality stock photos that many people want to buy! This ebook goes into detail about how you can make all the money that you need from your photos, and start making money instead of just letting your photos sit in your camera roll. Do not leave money lying around Start getting paid!

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Learn Digital Photography

This collection of tutorials and tips will take you from absolute beginner, help you through the learning curve and leave you at the end with a level of knowledge that will help you to deal with any photographic situation. Whether you are a complete beginner or have already started down the road, this book is for you. It assumes no prior knowledge and is suitable for the absolute beginner. But if you do already have some knowledge and experience, there will still be plenty here you can learn that will help you improve. Learning photography is a path that, whilst easy to get started on (just point and shoot), takes a lifetime to master properly. Continue reading...

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Sell Your Photos And Videos Online

Are you one of those who loves photography but does not feel comfortable starting a career in professional photography? So you're not alone! With the advent of digital photography, it was easier to record personal moments. Also, nowadays, we have hundreds of smartphones with good cameras, in addition to the semi-professional and professional equipment, which are much more affordable. Therefore, opting for a good online photography course is your best choice. For those who do not have so much time available, online courses appear like a good way to qualify, upgrade and professional training. In the area of photography, for example, there are options that range from the general concepts of photography to the most complex editing techniques, with the use of specific software. Here, we have an excellent online photography course. Get to know him a little more and learn how he can help you value your professional resume! Throughout the online course Photography, the inscribed will know, with rich detail and quality materials, the evolutionary process of photography, with emphasis on the practices, techniques, and operation of photographic equipment. Throughout the course, you will have access to materials that will discuss the fundamentals of photography. Continue reading...

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The Illustrated Dictionary

Never before has there been a single work of reference in which examples of so wide a range of genera have been described and illustrated in colour. Succulents The Illustrated Dictionary, the companion volume to Cacti The Illustrated Dictionary, includes more than 1,200 photographs of species and varieties from 195 different genera, and therefore it constitutes a unique work of reference for succulent enthusiasts and collectors. For ease of use, the dictionary is organized alphabetically by species. Each entry includes a full description of the species as well as the place of origin. Commonly used alternative names are given, and these are also listed separately for convenient cross-reference. In addition, the introduction summarizes the characteristics of the families and genera. A special feature of the text is the inclusion of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) status for all those species that are included in the Convention's Appendix I and...

Schlumbergera Kautskyi

These illegal activities have been frustrating to scientists. A goal of scientific research is to provide an accurate description of material being studied. However, scientists have quickly learned that unscrupulous collectors immediately visit sites, the descriptions of which have been published or recorded on herbarium sheets. In several instances most or all the plants have been removed, e.g. for Aztekium ritteri. A new locality for this species has been obtained so that it can be studied (Anderson and Skillman 1984) however, habitat information is presented only in broad generalities because of the threat of collectors, a dilemma faced by many researchers. In 1996 George Hinton described a new Mammillaria species, M. luethii. The few plants that have been seen and the photographs of this unusual cactus have caused a sensation among collectors, who wish to learn where it grows. Hinton and Jonas Luthy, the discoverers of the plant, have not told anyone of its location because of its...

The speciesSouth Africa Cape ProvinceCITES App II

The colour photographs were taken in a number of public and private collections and commercial nurseries or in the habitat. The colour and shape of individual plants depend on their geographical position and the type of greenhouse or glasshouse in which they are grown and on the attention they receive from the grower. Plants also vary according to the time of year. During resting periods they may shrink, have fewer leaves or acquire a reddish tinge. Plants grown in sunny positions and plants that receive little water may also have a reddish tinge, while those grown in shade and that receive plenty of water are greener. For these reasons the colour and form of the plants illustrated may vary slightly from the descriptions of the type species.

In Situ Conservation

The preservation of plants in their natural environment is clearly the most desirable method of conservation, but this can be assured only if people are willing to leave the plants and their habitat undisturbed. Visits to the sites of important cacti should certainly not be discouraged, but people must be content to take nothing away except photographs. Ecologists are uncertain how much disturbance the collection of even a few seeds is to a population of rare cacti. Many desert plants, including cacti, reproduce in pulses, meaning that only occasionally do climatic conditions occur that favor the germination of seeds and growth of young seedlings. Thus the loss of a significant number of seeds may greatiy reduce the number of offspring occurring in the next pulse. The removal of even a small number of seeds or plants of any age can adversely affect the population's reproductive potential, and perhaps the long-term survival of the species.

Lobivia gen nov

The genus as here treated is composed of 20 species, mostly hitherto referred to Echinopsis and Echinocactus. It is made to include various anomalous species which can not properly be referred to any described genus, and it is questionable whether they are all congeneric. Some, however, we know only from descriptions or photographs and further knowledge of them may lead to a different arrangement. In form their flowers are much alike. The two species transferred from Echinocactus (E. thionanthus and E. chionanthus) are described as having a dense ring of hairs on the inside of the flower-tube below the stamens this with other differences in the shape of the flower may be of generic value. The species all inhabit the highlands of Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Ex Situ Conservation

Such activities are admirable and nurseries should be encouraged to offer a wide variety of both the rare and more common species of cacti. Clearly, the adverse of affects of humans on plants in natural habitats are alleviated through conservationally sound propagation of cacti and the widespread availability of such nursery-propagated cacti in the market.


Neoraimondia Herzogiana

Neoraimondia herzogiana has a very different botanical history, for it was not described until 1949 even though it is one of the dominant cacti in central Bolivia and photographs had been made of it as early as 1909. Martin C rdenas sent detailed descriptions and pictures of the cactus to Backeberg, who described it as Neocardenasia herzogiana. Subsequent studies by James Mauseth and Roberto Kiesling (1997) have shown that it is a Neoraimondia.


The spectacular stands of the giant saguaro in many parts of Arizona have been the subject of countless photographs and essays. I thoroughly enjoy looking out my window at the Desert Botanical Garden and seeing several handsome sa-guaros. Indeed, Carnegiea is one of the most popular cacti, not only in greenhouse collections but also in desert landscaping and outdoor gardens. The cactus has also been extensively studied with regard to ecology, growth dynamics, and reproduction.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

To begin with your career in photography at the right path, you need to gather more information about it first. Gathering information would provide you guidance on the right steps that you need to take. Researching can be done through the internet, talking to professional photographers, as well as reading some books about the subject. Get all the tips from the pros within this photography ebook.

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