Schlumbergera truncata Haworth Moran 1953


Epiphyllum truncatum Haworth 1819, Cactus truncatus (Haworth) Link 1822, Cereus truncatus (Haworth) Sweet 1826, Zygocactus truncatus (Haworth) K. Schumann 1890 Epiphyllum altensteinil Pfeiffer 1837, Zygocactus altensteinii (Pfeiffer)

K. Schumann 1890 Epiphyllum ruckeri Paxton 1845 Epiphyllum bridgesii Lemaire 1861

Epiphyllum delicatum N. E. Brown 1902, Zygocactus delicatum (N. E. Brown) Britton & Rose 1913

Plants epiphytic, sometimes lithophytic, much branched. Stem segments truncate, glossy dark green, 40-60 mm (1.62.4 in) long, 15-35 mm (0.6-1.4 in) wide, with terminal composite areoles between two teeth, margins two- or three-toothed on each side, an areole in each notch. Areoles with brown wool and bristles. Flowers bilaterally symmetrical, borne slightly above the horizontal, pink or red or orange or white, 6.5-8 cm (2.6-3.1 in) long, 4-6 cm (1.6-2.4 in) in diameter; floral tubes to 4 cm (1.6 in) long; pericarpels smooth, reddish green; stamens in two groups. Fruits pear shaped, red, smooth. Distribution: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at elevations of 700-1000 m (2300-3300 ft).

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