Rebutafabrisii Rausch 1977

Plants forming clusters. Stems globose, to 2 cm (0.8 in) in diameter. Ribs forming spirals of distinct tubercles. Areoles nearly round, white to yellow. Spines numerous, white to yellow, 4-8 mm (to 0.3 in) long. Flowers red, to 2.5 cm (1 in) long and in diameter. Fruits not known. Distribution: northern Argentina.

Rebutía fidaiana (Backeberg) D. R. Hunt 1987 Echinocactus fidaianus Backeberg 1933, Spegazzinia fidaiana (Backeberg) Backeberg 1933, Weingartia fidaiana (Backeberg) Werdermann 1937, Sulcorebutia fidaiana (Backeberg) F. H. Brandt 1979 Gymnocalyclum westii Hutchison 1957, Weingartia westii (Hutchison)

Donald 1958, Sulcorebutia westii (Hutchison) F. H. Brandt 1976 Weingartia cintiensis Cárdenas 1958, Sulcorebutia cintiensis (Cárdenas) F. H. Brandt 1976, W. fidaiana subsp. cintiensis (Cárdenas) Donald 1980, Rebutía fidaiana subsp. cintiensis (Cárdenas) D. R. Hunt 1997

Weingartia leocoriensis Cárdenas 1964, Sulcorebutia leocoriensis

(Cárdenas) F. H. Brandt 1976 Weingartia vilcayensis Cárdenas 1964, Sulcorebutia vilcayensis (Cárdenas) F. H. Brandt 1976

Plants usually solitary. Stems globose to oblong, gray-green, to 30 cm (12 in) high and 15 cm (5.9 in) in diameter. Roots tuberous, with constricted necks. Ribs almost completely divided into round tubercles. Areoles large, yellowish white. Spines not always distinguishable as centrals and radials, yellowish to blackish violet, interlacing, densely covering the stems. Central spines 3-4, to 5 cm (2 in) long. Radial spines 9-14, curving, to 3 cm (1.2 in) long. Flowers yellow, to 3 cm (1.2 in) long. Fruits small, brownish, globose to oblong. Distribution: Potosí and Chuquisaca, Bolivia.

Rebutía gonjíanii 603

Rebutía fidaiana subsp. cintiensis differs from subspecies fidaiana in having 13-14 spines, indistinguishable as centrals and radials; it occurs in Chuquisaca.

Rebutía fiebrigii (Gürke) Britton & Rose ex L. H. Bailey 1916 Echinocactus fiebrigii Gürke 1905, Ayiostera fiebrigii (Gürke) Backeberg 1935

Rebutía albipilosa F. Ritter 1963, Ayiostera albipilosa (F. Ritter) Backeberg 1963

Rebutía muscula F. Ritter & K. R. Thiele 1963, Ayiostera muscula (F. Ritter & K. R. Thiele) Backeberg 1963 Mediolobivia ithyacantha Cárdenas 1970, Rebutía ithyacantha (Cárdenas) Diers & Esteves 1989 Rebutía vallegrandensis Cárdenas 1970 Rebutía pulchella Rausch 1972 Rebutía jujuyana Rausch 1973 Rebutía donaldiana A. B. Lau & G. D. Rowley 1974 Rebutía cajasensis F. Ritter 1977 Rebutía kieslingii Rausch 1977 Rebutía tamboensis F. Ritter 1977 Rebutía cintiensis F. Ritter 1978

Plants solitary, occasionally clustering. Stems globose to short cylindrical, glossy green, to 6 cm (2.4 in) high. Ribs forming about 18 rows of distinct tubercles. Areoles elliptical, white. Spines 30-40, bristle-like, light to dark brown, erect, needle-like, to 2 cm (0.8 in) long. Flowers produced halfway up the stems, yellow to orange, to 3.5 cm (1.4 in) long. Fruits small, purplish. Distribution: Bolivia.

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