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The Huntington, a private institution founded in 1919, has a desert plant collection that covers 6 hectares (15 acres). Most of the collection is outdoors, but the gardens also have several glasshouses. There are 3125 taxa of Cactaceae, the origin of 26% documented. The Huntington has seed exchange programs with other institutions and is also responsible for growing and distributing International Succulent Institute materials each year. Cactus collections at the gardens include those of E. F. Anderson, W. Baker, J. Betzler, J. Bleck, F. Boutin, S. Brack, F. Brandt, M. Cárdenas, J. Clements, S. Collenette, J. Dice, J. Dodson, H. Earle, U. Eggli, C. Fleming, J. Folsom, R. Foster, E. Gay, C. Glass, A. Hoffman, I. Hoffmann, P. C. Hutchison, F. Kattermann, R. Kiesling, M. Kimnach, K. Knize, A. B. Lau, B. Leuen-berger, G. Lyons, T. MacDougall, N. Martinez, W. Minnich, R. Moran, F. Otero, D. Plowes, W. Rauh, H. Sánchez-Mejorada, and J. Trager.

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