Opuntia quimilo K Schumann 1898


Platyopuntia quimilo (K. Schumann) F. Ritter 1980 Opuntia distans Britton & Rose 1919

Plants treelike, to 4 m (13 ft) high, much branched with distinct trunks. Stem segments large, elliptical to obovate, shiny gray-green, to 50 cm (20 in) long and 25 cm (9.8 in) wide, 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 in) thick. Areoles large, prominent. Glochids not evident. Spine usually one, sometimes 2-3, stiff, spreading, white, straight or twisted, 7-15 cm (2.8-5.9 in) long. Flowers red, to 7 cm (2.8 in) in diameter. Fruits pear shaped to globose, greenish yellow, 5-7 cm (2-2.8 in) long. Distribution: northern Argentina and Bolivia.

Opuntia quitensis F. A. C. Weber 1898 Platyopuntia quitensis (F. A. C. Weber) F. Ritter 1981 Opuntia macbridei Britton & Rose 1923

Plants sprawling to somewhat erect with single stems but forming large thickets 0.4-3 m (1.3-9.8 ft) high. Stem segments flattened, narrowly obovate to nearly round, glabrous, not detaching easily, 6-40 cm (2.4-16 in) long, 5-13 cm (25.1 in) wide. Glochids brown, inconspicuous, 2-4 mm long. Spines 2-7, sometimes absent, yellowish white with darker tips, needle- or awl-like, sometimes slighdy flattened, spreading, unequal, with slightly barbed tips, 0.5-8 cm (0.2-3.1 in) long. Flowers functionally unisexual, orange-red to orange-yellow, 2.3-7 cm (0.9-2.8 in) long, 1-2.5 cm (0.4-1 in) in di ameter. Fruits barrel shaped, deeply umbilicate, brownish green with reddish tint, 2.5-4 cm (1-1.6 in) long, 2-4 cm (0.8-1.6 in) in diameter, with glochids, sometimes with spines or bristles. Distribution: Ecuador and Peru.

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