Opuntia oricola Philbrick 1964


Plants shrubby to treelike, 1-3 m (3.3-9.8 ft) high. Stem segments elliptical to round, 15-25 cm (5.9-9.8 in) long, 12-19 cm (4.7-7.5 in) wide. Areoles 4.5-6 mm (0.2 in) in diameter, 12-20 mm (0.5-0.8 in) apart. Spines 4-16, yellow and translucent, becoming brownish gray to black with age, curved and twisted slightly, flattened, not barbed, 2-4 cm (0.8-1.6 in) long. Flowers yellow, 5-6 cm (2-2.4 in) in diameter. Fruits subglobose, red, fleshy, 2.5-4 cm (1-1.6 in) long and in diameter. Distribution: southern California, and Baja California, Mexico.

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