Notes About the Descriptions

Common Names and Synonyms. Common names are generally listed alphabetically, so the order in which they are given is not necessarily an indication of their frequency of use. Synonyms are listed chronologically. In addition, the synonymies for those cacti in which infraspecific taxa (subspecies and varieties) are recognized include the nomenclat-ural information on those accepted names, which are in boldface. The Index of Common Names and the Index of Scientific Names list such names for ready reference to the main entries here.

Measurements. Ribs are counted per stem, areoles per stem segment and spines per areole. The measurements given in metric units are the most accurate; the nonmetric equivalents in parentheses are approximate. Generally, nonmetric equivalents are given for all measurements greater than 5 mm (0.2 in).

Geography. Names of the major political divisions of the following countries are given in the statements about geographical distribution unless otherwise specified: Argentina, provinces; Bolivia, departments; Brazil, states; Chile, regions; Ecuador, provinces; Mexico, states; Peru, administrative divisions; Uruguay, departments; and the United States, states. Maps of these regions are provided in an appendix.

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