Mythenquai 88 CH8002 Zrich Switzerland

The Zürich Succulent Plant Collection was founded in 1931 and is operated by the city as part of its extensive park system. It comprises an area of 0.5 hectare (1.24 acres) with nearly all the collection in glasshouses. The succulent collection numbers more than 50,000 individual plants. About 20% of the collection is of horticultural origin with no indication of locality, but the other 80% has some documentation. The collection is the official repository of the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study, with its archives, library, and voucher specimens for several research projects. Collectors who have contributed substantially to the Zürich holdings of cacti include E. F. Anderson, U. Eggli, W. Rauh, W. Rausch, W. Reppenhagen, and F. Ritter. In addition, numerous accessions have been received from the International Succulent Institute (see Huntington Botanical Gardens) as well as obtained or purchased from horticultural firms such as Köhres, Uhlig, and Abbey Garden, and from private individuals.

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