Melocactus glaucescens Buining 8c Brederoo 1972


Plants depressed globose to pyramidal, intensely light glaucous bluish green at first, later light gray-green, 13-18 cm (5.1-7.1 in) high, 14-24 cm (5.5-9.4 in) in diameter. Ribs 8-15, very broad near bases. Spines brown overlaid with gray, with blackish tips. Central spines absent or 1-2, ascending and curved upward, 11-20 mm (0.4-0.8 in) long. Radial spines 5-8, straight to curved, 11-25 mm (0.4-1 in) long. Cephalia to 10 cm (3.9 in) high, 6-7.5 cm (2.4-3 in) in diameter, with the bristies hidden beneath dense creamy white

Melocactus ernestii subsp. ernestii, photograph by Urs Eggli

wool. Flowers lilac-magenta, to 25 mm (1 in) long and 16 mm (0.6 in) in diameter. Fruits sometimes flattened, deep red, 10-16 mm (0.4-0.6 in) long. Distribution: Bahia, Brazil. Melocactus glaucescens is listed in Appendix I of cites.

Melocactus harlowii (Britton & Rose) Vaupel 1912

Cactus harlowii Britton & Rose 1912

Melocactus acunae Leon 1934

Melocactus borhidii Meszaros 1977

Melocactus evae Meszaros 1977

Melocactus nagyi Meszaros 1977

Melocactus radoczii Meszaros 1977

Melocactus acunae subsp. lagunaensis Mesc 1977

Plants ovoid to cylindrical, light green, to 25 cm (9.8 in) high, 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 in) in diameter. Ribs 10-12. Spines not distinguishable as centrals and radials, reddish to yellowish with age, slender, slightly spreading, 30-40 mm (1.2-1.6 in) long. Cephalia 5-10 cm (2-3.9 in) high and in diameter, with reddish bristles. Flowers barely protruding from the cephalia, red, 15-20 mm (0.6-0.8 in) long, 10-25 mm (0.4-1 in) in diameter. Fruits elongate, pink, to 20 mm (0.8 in) long. Distribution: southeastern Cuba.

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