Mammillaria hernandezii Glass R Foster 1983

Plants usually solitary. Roots somewhat fleshy. Stems depressed globose to globose, rich green, 2.5-4.5 cm (1-1.8 in) in diameter. Tubercles pyramidal, without latex, axils with short white wool. Central spines absent. Radial spines 17-25,

Mammillaria heyderi subsp. gummifera

radiating, somewhat curved backward, not interlacing, white, 1.2-2.2 mm long. Flowers cherry red to pale magenta, to 20 mm (0.8 in) long. Fruits not known. Seeds large, black. Distribution: Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mammillaria herrerae Werdermann 1931 Chilita herrerae (Werdermann) Buxbaum 1954

Plants solitary or clustering basally. Stems globose, 2-3.5 cm (0.8-1.4 in) in diameter. Tubercles close set, cylindrical, truncate terminally, without latex, axils naked. Central spines absent. Radial spines 100 or more, unequal, interlacing, bristly, white or gray, 1-5 mm long. Flowers pink, 20-25 mm (0.8-1 in) long. Fruits subglobose, whitish, small. Seeds blackish brown. Distribution: Queretaro, Mexico.

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