Index of Scientific Names

Accepted names are in boldface, synonyms are not. Infraspecific ranks, subspecies versus variety, for example, are given only for accepted names.

Acanthocalycium, 105

andreaeanum, see Eriosyce andreaeana aurantiacum, see Echinopsis thionantha brevispinum, see Echinopsis thionantha catamarcense, see Echinopsis thionantha chionanthum, see Echinopsis thionantha ferrarii, 105

glaucum, see Echinopsisglaucina griseum, see Echinopsis thionana klimpelianum, 106 peitscherianum, see A klimpelianum spitiiflorum, 106

thionanthum, see Echinopsis thionantha variiflorum, see A. ferrarii violaceum, see A. spiniflorum Acanthocereus, 106

acutangulus, see A. tetragonus albicaulis, see Cereus albicaulis baxaniensis, 106-107 brasiliensis, see Pseudoacanthocereus brasil-

iensis colombianus, 107 floridanus, see A. tetragonus horridus, 107

maculatus, see Peniocereus maculatus occidentalis, 107 pentagonus, see A. tetragonus princeps, see A. tetragonus sicariguensis, see Pseudoacanthocereus sicariguensis subinermis, 107 tetragonus, 107-108 undulosus, see Dendrocereus undulosus Acantholobivia, see Echinopsis euanthema, see Rebutia gonjianii haagei, see Rebutia pygmaea incuiensis, see Echinopsis tegeleriana tegeleriana, see Echinopsis tegeleriana Acanthorhipsalis, see Lepismium brevispina, see Lepismium brevispinum crenata, see Lepismium crenatum houlletiana, see Lepismium houlletianum incachacana, see Lepismium incachacanum incahuasina, see Lepismium monacanthum micrantha, see Lepismium micranthum monacantha, see Lepismium monacanthum samaipatana, see Lepismium monacanthum paranganiensis, see Lepismium parangani-ense samaipatana, see Lepismium monacanthum Acharagma, 108 aguirreana, 108 roseana, 108-109 galeanensis, see A. roseana Airampoa, see Tunilla

Akersia roseiflora, see Cleistocactussamaipatanus Ancistrocactus, see Sclerocactus brevihamatus, see Sclerocactus brevihamatus crassihamatus, see Sclerocactus uncinatus subsp. crassihamatus mathssonii, see Sclerocactus uncinatus megarhizus, see Sclerocactus scheeri scheeri, see Sclerocactus scheeri tobuschii, see Sclerocactus brevihamatus subsp. tobuschii tobuschii, see Sclerocactus brevihamatus subsp. tobuschii uncinatus, see Sclerocactus uncinatus Anhalonium, see Ariocarpus areolosum, see Ariocarpus retusus elongatum, see Ariocarpus retusus engelmannii, see Ariocarpusfissuratus fissuratum, see Ariocarpus fissuratus furfuraceum, see Ariocarpus retusus kotschoubeyanum, see Ariocarpus kotschou-beyanus lewinii, see Lophophora williamsii prismaticum, see Ariocarpus retusus pullivigerum, see Ariocarpus retusus sulcatum, see Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus trigonum, see Ariocarpus retusus subsp. tri-gonus williamsii, see Lophophora williamsii Anisocereus, see Pachycereus foetidus, see Pachycereus gaumeri gaumeri, see Pachycereus gaumeri lepidanthus, see Pachycereus lepidanthus Aporocactus, see Disocactus conzattii, see Disocactus martianus flagelliformis, see Disocactus flagelliformis flagriformis, see Disocactus flagelliformis leptophyllus, see Disocactus flagelliformis martianus, see Disocactus martianus Arequipa, see Oreocereus aurantiaca, see Matucana aurantiaca australis, see Oreocereus hempelianus erectocylindrica, see Oreocereus hempelianus haynei, see Matucana haynei hempeliana, see Oreocereus hempelianus leucotricha, see Oreocereus leucotricha myriacantha, see Matucana haynei subsp.

myriacantha rettigii, see Oreocereus hempelianus soehrensii, see Oreocereus hempelianus spinosissima, see Oreocereus hempelianus variicolor, see Oreocereus variicolor weingartiana, see Oreocereus hempelianus Ariocarpus, 26,27,28,29,30,32,34,36,70, 109,692 agavoides, 78,110 bravoanus, 25,110 subsp. bravoanus, 110 subsp. hintonii, 61,77-78 confusus, see A. retusus disciformis, see Strombocactus disciformis jarmilae, see Strombocactus disciformis elongatus, see A. retusus horacekii, see A. retusus fissuratus, 60,63,110-111

hintonii, see A. bravoanus subsp. hintonii lloydii, see A. fissuratus fulvilligeris, see A. retusus furfuraceus, see A. retusus kotschoubeyanus, 9,61,75,111 agavoides, see A. agavoides albiflorus, see A. kotschoubeyanus bravoanus, see A. bravoanus macdowellii, see A. kotschoubeyanus lloydii, see A. fissuratus

Ariocarpus, continued pulcherrimus, see Strombocactus disciformis retusus, 63,111-112 horacekii, see A. retusus jarmilae, see Strombocactus disciformis panarottoi, see A. retusus subsp. retusus, 25,112 scapharostroides, see A. retusus subsp. trigonus "scapharostrus,"see A. scaphirostris scaphirostris, 112

swobodae, see A. scaphirostris strobiliformis, see Pelecyphora strobiliformis trigonus, see A. retusus subsp. trigonus Armatocereus, 112

arboreus, see A. matucanensis arduus, 113

balsasensis, see A. rauhii subsp. balsaensis brevispinus, 113 cartwrightianus, 113 churinensis, see A. matacanensis Armatocereusghiesbreghtii, see A. laetus? godingianus, 114 humilis, 114 laetus, 114 mataranus, 114 subsp. ancashensis, 115 subsp. mataranus matucanensis, 115 oligogonus, 115 procerus, 116 rauhii, 116 subsp. balsasensis subsp. rauhii riomajensis, 116 rupicola, 117 Arrojadoa, 117 xalbiflora, 117 aureispina, see A. rhodantha bahiensis, 117 beateae,seeA.dinae canudosensis, see A. rhodantha dinae, 117-118 subsp. dinae, 118 subsp. eriocaulis nana, see A. dinae eriocaulis, see A. dinae subsp. eriocaulis albicoronata, see A. dinae horstiana, see A. rhodantha multiflora, see A. dinae penicillata, 118

polyantha, see Micranthocereus polyanthus rhodantha, 118 aureispina, see A. rhodantha canuodensis, see A. rhodantha reflexispina, see A rhodantha theunisseniana, see A rhodantha Arthrocereus, 118

bylesianus, see Pygmaeocereus bylesianus campos-portoi, see A. glaziovii damazioi, see A. glaziovii glaziovii, 119 itabiriticola, see A. glaziovii melanurus, 119-120 estevesii, see/. melanurus subsp. magnus subsp. melanurus, 119 mello-barretoi, see A. melanurus subsp. odorus mello-barretoi, see A. melanurus microsphaericus, see Schlumbergera micro-sphaerica odorus, see A. melanurus subsp. odorus rondonianus, 120

rowleyanus, see Pygmaeocereus bylesianus spinosissimus, 120 Astrophytum, 120,692 asterias, 82,121 capricorne, 121 coahuilense, see A. myriostigma columnare, see A. myriostigma myriostigma, 121 coahuilense, see A. myriostigma columnaris, see A. myriostigma potosinum, see A. myriostigma tulense, see A. myriostigma ornatum, 121

prismaticum, see A. myriostigma senile, see A. capricorne tulense, see A. myriostigma Austrocactus, 122 bertinii, 122 coxii, 122

dusenii, see A. bertinii gracilis, see A. bertinii hibernus, see A.philippii patagonicus, 122,123 philippii, 122-123 spiniflorus, 123 Austrocephalocereus, see Espostoopsis albicephalus, see Micranthocereus albicephalus dolichospermaticus, see Micranthocereus do-

lichospermaticus dybowskii, see Espostoopsis dybowskii estevesii, see Micranthocereus estevesii grandiflorus, see Micranthocereus estevesii insigniflorus, see Micranthocereus estevesii fluminensis, see Coleocephalocereusflumi-nensis lehmannianus, see Micranthocereuspurpureus purpureus, see Micranthocereus purpureus salvadorensis, see Pilosocereus catingicola subsp. salvadorensis Austrocylindropuntia, 123 chuquisacana, see A. vestita clavarioides, see Maihueniopsis clavarioides colubrina, see Opuntia colubrina cylindrica, 124

exaltata, see A. subulata floccosa, 39,40,43,124-125 haematacantha, see A. verschaffeltii hirschii, 125

humahuacana, see A. shaferi hypsophila, see A. verschaffeltii inarmata, see A. verschaffeltii intermedia, see A. cylindrica ipatiana, see Opuntia salmiana lagopus, 125

lauliacoana, see A. floccosa machacana, see A. floccosa malyana, see A. lagopus miquelii, see Miqueliopuntia miquelii pachypus, 125

punta-caillan, 125

salmiana, see Opuntia salmiana schickendantzii, see Opuntia schickendantzii shaferi, 126

steiniana, see A. verschffeltn subulata, 25,69,70,71,126 tephrocactoides, see A. floccosa teres, see A. vestita verschaffeltii, 126-127 vestita, 127

weingartiana, see A. shaferi yanganucensis, 127 Aylostera, see Rebutía albiflora, see Rebutía albiflora albispinosa, see Rebutía fiebrigii deminuta, see Rebutía deminuta fiebrigii, see Rebutiafiebrigii kruegeri, see Rebutía steinbachii subsp. krue-geri kupperiana, see Rebutía pseudodeminuta7. muscula, see Rebutiafiebrigii narvaecensis, see Rebutía narvaecensis pseudodeminuta, see Rebutía pseudodeminuta pseudomínuscula, see Rebutía deminuta pulvinosa, see Rebutía pulvinosa rubiginosa, see Rebutía spegazziniana spegazziniana, see Rebutía spegazziniana spínosissíma, see Rebutía spinosissima steinmannii, see Rebutía steinmannii tuberosa, see Rebutía spegazziniana zavaletae, see Rebutía canigueralii Aztekium, 35 hintonii, 16,17,128 ritteri, 128 Azureocereus, see Browningia deflexispínus, see Echínopsis knuthiana hertlingianus, see Browningia hertlingiana nobilis, see Browningia hertlingiana viridis, see Browningia viridis Backebergía militaris, see Pachycereus militaris Bartschella schumannii, see Mammillaria schu-

mannii Bergerocactusemoryi, 129 Binghamia, see Cleístocactus acanthura, see Cleistocactus acanthurus acrantha, see Haageocereus limensis australis, see Haageocereus australis chosicensis, see Haageocereus pseudomelano-stele climaxantha,seexHaagespostoaclimaxantha decumbens, see Haageocereus decumbens eriotricha, see Cleistocactus acanthurus humboldtii, see Cleistocactus icosagonus icosagona, see Cleistocactus icosagonus laredensis, see Haageocereuspacalaensis melanostele, see Espostoa melanostele multangularis, see Haageocereus pseudome-lanostelel olowinskiana, see Haageocereus acranthus subsp. olowinskiana pacalaensis, see Haageocereus pacalaensis platinospina, see Haageocereusplatinospinus pseudomelanostele, see Haageocereus pseudo-

melanostele versicolor, see Haageocereus versicolor Bisnaga, see Ferocactus cornigera, see Ferocactus latispinus flavovirens, see Ferocactus flavovirens glaucescens, see Ferocactus glaucescens haematacantha, see Ferocactus haematacan-tha hamatacantha, see Ferocactus hamatacanthus sinuata, see Ferocactus hamatacanthus subsp. sinuatus histrix, see Ferocactus histrix macrodisca, see Ferocactus macrodiscus septentrionalis, see Ferocactus macrodiscus subsp. septentrionalis recurva, see Ferocactus latispinus latispina, see Ferocactus latispinus Blossfeldia, 35,129 atroviridis, see B. liliputana campaniflora, see B. liliputana fechseri, see B. liliputana liliputana, 23,130

atroviridis, see B. liliputana minima, see B. liliputana pedicillata, see B. liliputana Bolivicereus, see Cleistocactus brevicaulis, see Cleistocactus samaipatanus croceus, see Cleistocactus samaipatanus pisacensis, see Corryocactus erectus rufus, see Cleistocactus samaipatanus samaipatanus, see Cleistocactus samaipatanus serpens, see Cleistocactus serpens soukupii, see Corryocactus erectus tenuiserpens, see Cleistocactus tenuiserpens Bonifazia quetzalteca, see Disocactus quetzaltecus Borzicactella, see Cleistocactus serpens, see Cleistocactus serpens tenuiserpens, see Cleistocactus tenuiserpens Borzicactus, see Cleistocactus acanthurus, see Cleistocactus acanthurus aequatorialis, see Cleistocactus sepium aurantiacus, see Matucana aurantiaca aureiflorus, see Matucana aureiflora aureispinus, see Cleistocactus winteri aurivillus, see Cleistocactus icosagonus cajamarcensis, see Cleistocactusfieldianus calocephalus, see Matucana haynei calvescens, see Matucana aurantiaca calviflorus, see Cleistocactus fieldianus celsianus, see Oreocereus celsianus decumbens, see Haageocereus decumbens doelzianus, see Oreocereus doelzianus faustianus, see Cleistocactus acanthurus subsp. faustianus fieldianus, see Cleistocactus fieldianus formosus, see Matucana formosa fossulatus, see Oreocereus celsianus fruticosus, see Matucana fruticosa gracilis, see Cleistocactus sextonianus haynei, see Matucana haynei hendriksensianus, see Oreocereus leucotrichus huagalensis, see Matucana huagalensis humboldtii, see Cleistocactus icosagonus icosagonus, see Cleistocactus icosagonus intertextus, see Matucana intertexta jajoianus, see Cleistocactus sepium keller-badensis, see Cleistocactus acanthurus krahnii, see Matucana krahnii leucotrichus, see Oreocereus leucotrichus madisoniorum, see Matucana madisoniorum morleyanus, see Cleistocactus sepium myriacanthus, see Matucana haynei subsp.

myriacanthus neoroezlii, see Cleistocactus neoroezlii oreodoxus, see Matucana oreodoxa paucicostatus, see Matucana paucicostata pisacensis, see Corryocactus erectus piscoensis, see Oreocereus piscoensis plagiostoma, see Cleistocactusplagiostoma platinospinus, see Haageocereus platinospinus pseudothelegonus, see Cleistocactus serpens purpureus, see Cleistocactus plagiostoma ritteri, see Matucana ritteri roezlii, see Cleistocactus roezlii samaipatanus, see Cleistocactus samaipatanus samnensis, see Cleistocactus fieldianus subsp.

samnensis sepium, see Cleistocactus sepium serpens, see Cleistocactus serpens sextonianus, see Cleistocactus sextonianus soukupii, see Corryocactus erectus strausii, see Cleistocactus strausii sulcifer, see Cleistocactus serpens tenuiserpens, see Cleistocactus tenuiserpens tessellatus, see Cleistocactus fieldianus subsp.

tessallatus tominensis, see Cleistocactus tominensis trollii, see Oreocereus trollii tuberculatus, see Matucana tuberculata variabilis, see Matucana haynei ventimigliae, see Cleistocactus sepium weberbaueri, see Matucana weberbaueri websterianus, see Cleistocactus sepium Brachycalycium tilcarense, see Gymnocalycium saglionis subsp. tilcarense Brachycereus, 130 nesioticus, 130-131 thouarsii, see Jasminocereus thouarsii Brasilicactus, see Parodia elachisanthus, see Parodia haselbergii graessneri, see Parodia haselbergii subsp.

graessneri haselbergii, see Parodia haselbergii Brasilicereus, 131

breviflorus, see B. phaeacanthus markgrafii, 132 phaeacanthus, 132

breviflorus, see B. phaeacanthus Brasiliparodia, see Parodia alacriportana, see Parodia alacriportana brevihamata, see Parodia alacriportana subsp. brevihamata buenekeri, see Parodia alacriportana subsp.

buenekeri catarinensis, see Parodia alacriportana subsp. catarinensis rechensis, see Parodia rechensis Brasiliopuntia, 132

bahiensis, see B. brasiliensis brasiliensis, 132-133

subacarpa, see B. brasiliensis neoargentina, see B. brasiliensis schulzii, see B. brasiliensis subacarpa, see B. brasiliensis Brasiliparodia, see Parodia alacriportana, see Parodia alacriportana brevihamata, see Parodia alacriportana subsp. brevihamata buenekeri, see Parodia alacriportana subsp.

buenekeri catarinensis, see Parodia alacriportana subsp. catarinensis rechensis, see Parodia rechensis Bravocactus horripilus, see Turbinicarpus horri-pilus

Brittonrosia, see Stenocactus Browningia, 133 albiceps, 133 altissima, 133,134 amstutziae, 133 caineana, 134

candelaris, 31,76,77,134-135 chlorocarpa, 135 columnaris, 135 hertlingiana, 134,135 icaensis, see B. candelaris microsperma, 135 pilleifera, 135-136

Browningia, continued riosaniensis, see Rauhocereus riosaniensis viridis, 136 Buiningia, see Coleocephalocereus aurea, see Coleocephalocereus aureus brevicylindrica, see Coleocephalocereus aureus elongata, see Coleocephalocereus aureus longispina, see Coleocephalocereus aureus purpurea, see Coleocephalocereuspurpureus Cactus, see Mammillaria; see also Melocactus ackermannii, see Disocactus ackermannii alatus, see Pseudorhipsalis alata antonii, see Melocactus intortus aurantiacus, see Opuntia aurantiaca aureus, see Corryocactus aureus bahiensis, see Melocactus bahiensis berteri, see Cumulopuntia sphaerica bleo, see Pereskia bleo brandegeei, see Mammillaria brandegeei brasiliensis, see Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis broadwayi, see Melocactus broadwayi caesius, see Melocactus curvispinus subsp. caesius chiloensis, see Echinopsis chiloensis chlorocarpus, see Browningia chlorocarpa coccinea, see under Denmoza cochenillifer, see Opuntia cochenillifera compressus, see Opuntiaficus-indica coquimbanus, see Echinopsis coquimbanus coronatus, see Melocactus intortus? cruciformis, seeLepismium cruciforme curassavicus, see Opuntia curassavica curvispinus, see Eriosyce curvispina cylindricus Jussieu ex Lamarck, see Austro-

cylindropuntia cylindrica cylindricus Vellozo, see Rhipsalis grandiflora densispinus, see Mammillaria densispina dillenii, see Opuntia dillenii divaricatus, see Harrisia divaricata echinocarpus, see Cylindropuntia echino-carpa elatior, see Opuntia elatior erinaceus, see Parodia erinacea eschauzieri, see Mammillaria bocasana subsp. eschauzieri euphorbioides, see Neobuxbaumia euphor-bioides fascicularis, see Haageocereusfascicularis fasciculatus, see Rhipsalis baccifera ferox, see Consolea moniliformis ficus-indica, see Opuntia ficus-indica fimbriatus, see Stenocereusfimbriatus flagelliformis, see Disocactusflagelliformis fragilis, see Opuntiafragilis funalis, see Rhipsalis grandiflora gabbii, see Mammillaria brandegeei subsp. gabbii gibbosus, see Gymnocalycium gibbosum glomeratus, see Mammillaria prolifera grandiflorus, see Selenicereus grandiflorus grandifolius, see Pereskia grandifolia harlowii, see Melocactus harlowii heptagonus, see Pilosocereus arrabidae hexagonus Linnaeus, see Cereus hexagonus hexagonus Vellozo, see Pilosocereus arrabidae horridus, see Pereskia humboldtii humboldtii, see Cleistocactus icosagonus humifusus, see Opuntia humifusa hyptiacanthus, see Gymnocalycium hyptia-

canthum hystrix, see Stenocereus fimbriatus icosagonus, see Cleistocactus icosagonus imbricatus, see Cylindropuntia imbricata intortus, see Melocactus intortus laetus, see Armatocereus laetus lanatus, see Espostoa lanata langsdorfii, see Parodia langsdorfii lanuginosus, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus latispinus, see Ferocactus latispinus lemairei, see Melocactus lemairei linkii, see Parodia linkii lyratus, see Hatiora salicornioides macracanthos, see Melocactus macracanthos mammillaris, see Mammillaria mammillaris maxonii, see Melocactus curvispinus melocactoides, see Melocactus violaceus? melocactus, see Melocactus caroli-linnaei micranthus, see Rhipsalis micrantha microdasys, see Opuntia microdasys micromeris, see Epithelantha micromeris greggii, see Epithelantha micromeris subsp. greggii monacanthus, see Opuntia monacantha moniliformis, see Consolea moniliformis nanus, see Opuntiapubescens neryi, see Melocactus neryi nobilis, see Ferocactus latispinus oaxacensis, see Melocactus curvispinus obtusipetalus, see Melocactus curvispinus? opuntia, see Opuntia ficus-indica oreas, see Melocactus oreas paniculatus, see Leptocereuspaniculatus pendulus, see Rhipsalis baccifera pentagonus, see Acanthocereus tetragonus pereskia, see Pereskia aculeata peruvianas, see Cereus repandus phyllanthoides, see Disocactusphyllanthoides phyllanthus, see Epiphyllum phyllanthus placentiformis, see Discocactusplacentiformis polygonus, see Pilosocereus polygonus portulacifolius, see Pereskia portulacifolia pringlei, see Mammillaria rhodantha subsp. pringlei proliferus, see Mammillaria prolifera pruinosus, see Stenocereus pruinosus pusillus, see Opuntia pusilla radiosus, seeEscobaria vivipara alversonii, see Escobaria alversonii recurvus, see Ferocactus latispinus reductus, see Gymnocalycium gibbosum repandus, see Cereus repandus royenii, see Pilosocereus royenii salicornioides, see Hatiora salicornioides salvador, see Melocactus curvispinus scopa, see Parodia scopa senilis, see Cephalocereus senilis sepium, see Cleistocactus sepium serpens, see Cleistocactus serpens serpentinus, see Peniocereus serpentinus setispinus, see Cochemiea setispina smithii, see Melocactus smithii speciosus, see Disocactus speciosus strictus, see Opuntia stricta teres, see Rhipsalis teres tetragonus, see Acanthocereus tetragonus townsendii, see Melocactus peruvianus triacanthos, see Opuntia triacantha triangularis, see Hylocereus triangularis truncatus, see Schlumbergera truncata tuna, see Opuntia tuna tunicatus, see Cylindropuntia tunicata villosus, see Eriosyce villosa vivipara, see Escobaria vivipara zehntneri, see Melocactus zehntneri Calymmanthium, 137 fertile, see C. substerile substerile, 137 Carnegiea, 1,137 euphorbioides, see Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides fulviceps, see Pachy cereusfulviceps gigantea, 1,9,25,49-51,55,60,63,68,70,

72,74,77,138 laui, see Neobuxbaumia laui macrocephala, see Neobuxbaumia macroce-phala mezcalaensis, see Neobuxbaumia mezcalaen-sis nova, see Neobuxbaumia mescalaensis polylopha, see Neobuxbaumia polylopha scoparia, see Neobuxbaumia scoparia squamulosa, see Neobuxbaumia squamulosa tetetzo, see Neobuxbaumia tetetzo Cassyt(h)a baccifera, see Rhipsalis baccifera Castellanosia caineana, see Browningia caineana Cephalocereus, 27,60,138 alensis, see Pilosocereus alensis apicephalium, 31,139 arrabidae, see Pilosocereus arrabidae bahamensis, see Pilosocereus polygonus barbadensis, see Pilosocereus royenii blossfeldiorum, see Espostoa blossfeldiorum brasiliensis, see Pilosocereus brasiliensis brooksianus, see Pilosocereus royenii catingicola, see Pilosocereus catingicola chrysacanthus, see Pilosocereus chrysacan-thus chrysomallus, see Pachycereus militaris collinsii, see Pilosocereus purpusii? columbianus, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus columna-trajani, 19,139-140 cometes, see Pilosocereus leucocephalus? deeringii, see Pilosocereuspolygonus delaetii, see Echinocereus longisetus subsp. delaetii dybowskii, see Espostoopsis dybowskii euphorbioides, see Neobuxbaumia euphor-bioides fluminensis, see Coleocephalocereusflumi-nensis fulviceps, see Pachycereus fulviceps gaumeri, see Pilosocereus royenii gounellei, see Pilosocereus gounellei guentheri, see Espostoa guentheri guerreronis, see Pilosocereus alensis hoppenstedtii, see Cephalocereus columna-trajani kanukuensis, see Pilosocereus oligolepis keyensis, see Pilosocereus polygonus lanuginosus, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus lehmannianus, seeMicranthocereus purpureus leucocephalus, see Pilosocereus leucocephalus leucostele, see Stephanocereus leucostele luetzelburgii, see Stephanocereus luetzelburgii machrisii, see Pilosocereus machrisii macrocephalus, see Neobuxbaumia macro-cephala maxonii, see Pilosocereus leucocephalus melanostele, see Espostoa melanostele mezcalaensis, see Neobuxbaumia mezcalaen-sis multiareolatus, see Neobuxbaumia multi-areolata militaris, see Pachycereus militaris millspaughii, see Pilosocereus royenii monoclonos, see Pilosocereus royenii moritzianus, see Pilosocereus moritzianus nizandensis, 140 nobilis, see Pilosocereus royenii palmeri, see Pilosocereus leucocephalus pentaedrophorus, see Pilosocereuspentaedro-phorus phaeacanthus, see Brasilicereus phaeacanthus piauhyensis, see Pilosocereuspiauhyensis polyanthus, see Micranthocereus polyanthus polygonus, see Pilosocereus polygonus polylophus, see Neobuxbaumiapolylopha purpureus, see Micranthocereus purpureus purpusii, see Pilosocereuspurpusii quadricentralis, see Pilosocereus quadricen-tralis remolinensis, see Cereus repandus rhodanthus, seeArrojadoa rhodantha robinii, see Pilosocereus polygonus robustus, see Pilosocereus ulei royenii, see Pilosocereus royenii russelianus, see Cereusfricii sartorianus, see Pilosocereus leucocephalus scoparius, see Neobuxbaumia scoparia senilis, 19,20,23,140

smithianus, see Praecereus euchlorus subsp.

smithianus swartzii, see Pilosocereus royenii tetetzo, see Neobuxbaumia tetetzo totolapensis, 140-141 tweedyanus, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus ulei, see Facheiroa ulei zehntneri, see Pilosocereus gounellei subsp. zehntneri Cephalocleistocactus, 141 chrysocephalus, 141 pallidus, see Cleistocactus palhuayensis ritteri, see Cleistocactus ritteri schattatianus, see Cleistocactus varispinus Cereus, 96,142 aboriginus, see Harrisia aboriginum subsect. Acanthocereus, see Acanthocereus acanthurus, see Cleistocactus acanthurus acifer, see Echinocereuspolyacanthus subsp. acifer ackermannii, see Disocactus ackermannii acranthus, see Haageocereus acranthus acutangulus, see Acanthocereus tetragonus adelmarii, 142

adscendens, see Harrisia adscendens adustus, see Echinocereus adustus aethiops, 142,143

alacriportanus, see C. hildmannianus7. alamosensis, see Stenocereus alamosensis alatus, see Pseudorhipsalis alata albicaulis, 142-143 alticostatus, see Praecereus euchlorus amazonicus, see Praecereus euchlorus subsp.

amazonicus amecamensis, see Disocactus speciosus andalgalensis, see Echinopsis huascha anguinus, see Cleistocactus baumannii subsp. anguinus anisitsii, see C. spegazzinii apiciflorus, see Corryocactus apiciflorus apoloensis, see Praecereus euchlorus aragonii, see Stenocereus aragonii arendtii, see Harrisia tortuosa areolatus, see Cleistocactusparviflorus arequipensis, see Neoraimondia arequipensis argentinensis, 143

articulatus, see Tephrocactus articulatus assurgens, see Leptocereus assurgens atacamensis, see Echinopsis atacamensis atroviridis, see C. repandus aurivillus, see Cleistocactus icosagonus azureus, see C. aethiops backebergii, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus balansae, see Harrisia balansae balliviani, see Praecereus euchlorus baumannii, see Cleistocactus baumannii baxaniensis, see Acanthocereus tetragonus beneckei, see Stenocereus beneckei berlandieri, see Echinocereus berlandieri bertinii, see Austrocactus bertinii bicolor, 143

biformis, see Disocactus biformis biolleyi, see Weberocereus biolleyi blanckii see Echinocereus berlandieri boeckmannii, see Selenicereus boeckmannii bonplandii, see Harrisia pomanensis brachypetalus, see Corryocactus brachypetalus bradtianus, see Grusonia bradtiana brandegeei, see Echinocereus brandegeei braunii, 143

brevistylus, see Corryocactus brevistylus bridgesii, see Echinopsis lageniformis brookii, see Harrisia brookii brooksianus, see Pilosocereus polygonus caespitosus, see Echinocereus reichenbachii calcaratus, see Hylocereus calcaratus calcirupicola, see Cereus jamacaru subsp. calcirupicola cabralensis, see Cereus jamacaru cipoensis, see Cereus jamacaru californicus, see Cylindropuntia californica campinensis, see Praecereus euchlorus piedadensis, see Praecereus euchlorus candicans, see Echinopsis candicans cartwrightianus, see Armatocereus cart-

wrightianus castaneus, seeEulychnia castanea catingicola, see Pilosocereus catingicola cavendishii, see Praecereus saxicola? celsianus, see Oreocereus celsianus cephalomicrostibas, see Echinopsis cephalo-

microstibas chacoanus, see Stetsonia coryne chalybaeus, see C. aethiops chende, see Polaskia chende chichipe, see Polaskia chichipe chiloensis, see Echinopsis chiloensis chiotilla, see Escontria chiotilla chloranthus, see Echinocereus viridiflorus subsp. chloranthus chlorocarpus, see Browningia chlorocarpa chosicensis, see Haageocereuspseudomelano-stele chrysomallus, see Pachycereus militaris chrysostele, see Pilosocereus chrysostele cinerascens, see Echinocereus cinerascens cinnabarinus, see Disocactus cinnabarinus claroviridis, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus coccineus, see Selenicereus setaceus cochabambensis, 143 cochal, see Myrtillocactus cochal coerulescens, see C. aethiops columna-trajani, see Cephalocereus columna-trajani

Cereus, continued comarapattus, 143

cometes, see Pilosocereus leucocephalusl compressus, see Hylocereus triangularis coniflorus, see Selenicereus coniflorus coquimbanus, see Echinopsis coquimbanus coryrte, see Stetsonia coryne costaricensis, see Hylocereus costaricensis crassisepalus, see Cipocereus crassisepalus crenatus, see Epiphyllum crenatum ctenoides, see Echinocereus dasyacanthus cylindricus, see Austrocylindropuntia cylin-drica damazioi, see Arthrocereus glaziovii dasyacanthus, see Echinocereus dasyacanthus dautwitzii, see Espostoa lanata dayamii, see C. stenogonus decumbens, see Haageocereus decumbens deficiens, see Stenocereus griseus denudatus, see Gymnocalycium denudatum deserticolus, see Echinopsis deserticola diffusus, see Praecereus euchlorus subsp. dif-fusus diguetii, see Peniocereus striatus donkelaari, see Selenicereus donkelaari dubius, see Echinocereus enneacanthus dumortieri, see Isolatocereus dumortieri dusenii, see Austrocactus dusenii dybowskii, see Espostoopsis dybowskii eburneus, see Stenocereus griseus ehrenbergii, see Echinocereus cinerascens eichlamii, see Stenocereus eichlamii ekmanii, see Leptocereus ekmanii emoryi, see Bergerocactus emoryi engelmannii, see Echinocereus engelmannii subg. Eriocereus, see Harrisia eriophorus, see Harrisia eriophora fragrans, see Harrisia fragrans eriotrichus, see Cleistocactus acanthurus eruca, see Stenocereus eruca erythrocephalus, see Denmoza rhodantha euchlorus, see Praecereus euchlorus alticostatus, see Praecereus euchlorus leucanthus, see Praecereus euchlorus piedadensis, see Praecereus euchlorus rhodoleucanthus, see Praecereus saxicola euphorbioides, see Neobuxbaumia euphor-bioides extensus, see Selenicereus extensus7. eyriesii, see Echinopsis eyriesii fascicularis, see Haageocereus fascicularis fendleri, see Echinocereus fendleri fernambucensis, 144 subsp. fernambucensis subsp. sericifer flagelliformis, see Disocactusflagelliformis flagriformis, see Disocactus flagelliformis flavispinus, see Haageocereuspseudome-lanostele7.

fluminensis, see Coleocephalocereus flumi-

nensis forbesii, see C. validus fossulatus, see Oreocereus celsianus; see also

0. pseudofossulatus fricii, 144

galapagensis, see Jasminocereus thouarsii gemmatus, see Pachycereus marginatus geometrizans, see Myrtillocactus geometrizans cochal, see Myrtillocactus cochal ghiesbreghtii, see Armatocereus laetus? gibbosus, see Gymnocalycium gibbosum giganteus, see Carnegiea gigantea glaber, see Weberocereus glaber glaziovii, see Arthrocereus glaziovii goebelianus, see Coleocephalocereus goebeli-anus goiasensis, see C.jamacaru gonacanthus, see Echinocereus triglochidiatus gonzalezii, see Weberocereus tunilla gounellei, see Pilosocereusgounellei gracilis, see Harrisia gracilis aboriginum, see Harrisia aboriginum simpsonii, see Harrisia simpsonii grandiflorus, see Selenicereus grandiflorus greggii, see Peniocereusgreggii transmontanus, see Peniocereus greggii var. transmontanus grenadensis, see C. repandus griseus, see Stenocereus griseus guatemalensis, see Hylocereus guatemalensis guelichii, see Harrisia balansae gummosus, see Stenocereusgummosus haageanus, 144

hallensis, see Selenicereus grandiflorus hamatus, see Selenicereus hamatus hankeanus, 144 hassleri, see Selenicereus setaceus haynei, seeMatucana haynei hexaedrus, see Echinocereus coccineus hexagonus, 144,145 hildmannianus, 144-145 subsp. hildmannianus subsp. uruguayanus, 145 xanthocarpus, see C. hildmannianus hirschtianus, see Peniocereus hirschtianus hollianus, see Pachycereus hollianus hondurensis, see Selenicereus hondurensis hookeri, see Epiphyllum hookeri hoppenstedtii, see Cephalocereus columna-

trajani horrispinus, 145 huascha, see Echinopsis huascha huilunchu, 145

huitcholensis, see Echinocereuspolyacanthus subsp. huitcholensis humboldtii, see Cleistocactus icosagonus subg. Hylocereus, see Hylocereus hystrix, see Stenocereusfimbriatus ianthothele, see Lepismium ianthothele icosagonus, see Cleistocactus icosagonus inermis, see Selenicereus inermis insularis, 146

iquiquensis, seeEulychnia iquiquensis jamacaru, 20,146-147 subsp. calcirupicola, 146 goiasensis, see C.jamacaru subsp .jamacaru kerberi, see Stenocereus kerberi knuthianus, see Selenicereus grandiflorus kroenleinii, 147

laevigatus, see Stenocereus laevigatus lageniformis, see Echinopsis lageniformis lamprochlorus, see Echinopsis lamprochlorus lamprospermus, 19,147 subsp. colosseus, 23,147 subsp. lamprospermus lanatus, see Espostoa lanata laniceps, see Cleistocactus laniceps sericatus, see Espostoa lanata lanosus, 147

latifrons, see Epiphyllum oxypetalum lauterbachii, see Praecereus euchlorus leeanus, see Echinocereus polyacanthus lemairei, see Hylocereus lemairei lepidanthus, see Pachycereus lepidanthus subg. Leptocereus, see Leptocereus leptophis, see Disocactusflagelliformis leucanthus, see Echinopsis leucantha leucostele, see Stephanocereus leucostele limensis, see Haageocereus acranthus lindbergianus, see Selenicereus setaceus lindenzweigianus, see C. spegazzinii lindmann, see Selenicereus setaceus litoralis, see Echinopsis litoralis longiflorus, see C. hexagonus longisetus, see Echinocereus longisetus longispinus, see Eulychnia breviflora subg. Lophocereus, see Pachycereus luetzelburgii, see Stephanocereus luetzelburgii lumbricoides, see Lepismium lumbricoides macdonaldiae, see Selenicereus macdonaldiae macracanthus,see Echinocereus enneacanthus macrocephalus, see Neobuxbaumia macro-cephalus macrogonus, see Echinopsis macrogonus macrostibas, see Neoraimondia arequipensis gigantea, see Neoraimondia arequipensis roseiflora, see Neoraimondia arequipensis subsp. roseiflora maculatus, see Peniocereus maculatus maelenii, see Thelocactus leucacanthus mamillatus, see Echinocereus brandegeei margaritensis, see C. repandus micracanthus, see C. repandus marginatus, see Pachycereus marginatus maritimus, see Echinocereus maritimus markgrafii, see Brasilicereus markgrafii martianus, see Disocactus martianus martinii, see Harrisia martinii megalanthus, see Selenicereus megalanthus melanotrichus, see Corryocactus melanotri-ckus melanurus, see Arthrocereus melanurus micranthus, see Lepismium micranthum microspermus, see Browningia microsperma microsphaericus, see Schlumbergera micro-

sphaerica mieckleyanus, see Pachycereus schottii milesimus, see C. hildmannianus militaris, see Pachycereus militaris minensis, see Cipocereus minensis minutiflorus, see Hylocereus minutiflorus mirabella, 148

mixtecensis, see Polaskia chichipe mojavensis, see Echinocereus mojavensis monacanthus, see Hylocereus monacanthus monoclonos, see Pilosocereus royenii moritzianus, see Pilosocereus lanuginosus mortensetiii, 148

multangularis, see Haageocereuspseudomelanostele7. multiplex, see Echinopsis oxygona munzii, see Echinocereus engelmannii myosurus, see Lepismium cruciforme napoleonis, see Hylocereus trigonus nashii, see Harrisia nashii nelsonii, see Selenicereus nelsonii neonesioticus, see C. hildmannianus neotetragonus, see C.fernambucensis? nesioticus, see Brachycereus nesioticus neumannii, see Peniocereus hirschtianus nobilis, see Pilosocereus royenii nudiflorus, see Dendrocereus nudiflorus nycticalus, see Selenicereuspteranthus subg. Nyctocereus, see Peniocereus obtusangulus, see Schlumbergera obtusangu-lus ocamponis, see Hylocereus ocamponis oligolepis, see Pilosocereus oligolepis orcuttii, see xPacherocactus orcuttii subg. Oreocereus, see Oreocereus ovatus, see Tephrocactus aoracanthus oxygona, see Echinopsis oxypetalus oxypetalus, see Epiphyllum oxypetalum subg. Pachycereus, see Pachycereus pachyrhizus, 148

parviflorus, see Cleistocactusparviflorus pasacana, see Echinopsis atacamensis subsp. pasacana patagonicus, see Austrocactuspatagonicus paucispinus, see Echinocereus coccineus pecten-aboriginum, see Pachycereus pecten-

aboriginum pectinatus, see Echinocereuspectinatus penicillatus, see Arrojadoa penicillata subg. Peniocereus, see Peniocereus pensilis, see Echinocereuspensilis pentaedrophorus, see Pilosocereuspentaedro-phorus pentagonus, see Acanthocereus tetragonus pentalophus, see Echinocereuspentalophus perlucens, see C. hexagonus pernambucensis, see C.fernambucensis peruvianus, see C. repandus; see also C. hildmannianus phaeacanthus, see Brasilicereus phaeacanthus phatnospermus, 148 adelmarii, see C. adelmarii kroenleinii, see C. kroenleinii philippi, see Austrocactusphilippi phyllanthoides, see Disocactus phyllanthoides phyllanthus, see Epiphyllum phyllanthus piauhyensis, see Pilosocereus piauhyensis plagiostoma, see Cleistocactus plagiostoma platinospinus, see Haageocereus platinospinus platygonus, see Harrisia platygona plumeri, see Hylocereus trigonus polylophus, see Neobuxbaumia polylopha polyrhizus, see Hylocereus poly rhizus pomanensis, see Harrisia pomanensis poselgeri, see Echinocereus poselgeri princeps, see Acanthocereus tetragonus pringlei, see Pachycereus pringlei procumbens, see Echinocereus procumbens pruinosus, see Stenocereus pruinosus pseudomelanostele, see Haageocereus pseudomelanostele pseudothelegonus, see Cleistocactus serpens pteranthus, see Selenicereus pteranthus pugioniferus, see Myrtillocactus geometrizans purpusii, see Hylocereus purpusii quadricostatus, see Leptocereus quadricostatus queretaroensis, see Stenocereus queretaroensis radicans, see Selenicereus radicans ramulosus, see Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa reductus, see Gymnocalycium gibbosum regelii, see Harrisia pompanensis remolinensis, see C. repandus repandus, 59,69,70,72,148-149 rhodacanthus, see Denmoza rhodacantha rhodanthus, see Arrojadoa rhodantha rhodoleucanthus, see Praecereus saxicola ridleii, see C. spegazziniP. ritteri, see Praecereus saxicola parapetiensis robinii, see Pilosocereus polygonus roezlii, see Cleistocactus roezlii roseiflorus, 149

rothii, see Selenicereus macdonaldiae ruficeps, see Neobuxbaumia macrocephala rufispinus, see Echinocereus adustus russelianus, see C.fricii saddianus, 149

sanborgianus, see Echinocereus brandegeei santiaguensis, see Echinopsis spachiana sargentianus, see Pachycereus schottii saxicola, see Praecereus saxicola scandens, see Hylocereus scandens scheeri, see Echinocereus scheeri schenckii, see Myrtillocactus schenckii schottii, see Pachycereus schottii australis, see Pachycereus schottii schrankii, see Disocactus schrankii sciurus, see Echinocereus sciurus sclerocarpus, see Jasminocereus thouarsii var.

sclerocarpus schmollii, see Echinocereus schmollii schrankii, see Disocactus schrankii scoparius, see Neobuxbaumia scoparia subg. Selenicereus, see Selenicereus senilis, see Cephalocereus senilis sepium, see Cleistocactus sepium sericatus, see Espostoa lanata sericifer, see C.fernambucensis subsp. seri-cifer serpens, see Cleistocactus serpens serpentinus, see Peniocereus serpentinus serratus, see Disocactus speciosus serruliflorus, see Harrisia divaricata setaceus, see Selenicereus setaceus silvestrii, see Echinopsis chamaecereus smaragdiflorus, see Cleistocactus smaragdi-florus smithianus, see Praecereus euchlorus subsp.

smithianus sonorensis, see Stenocereus alamosensis spachianus, see Echinopsis spachiana speciosissimus, see Disocactus speciosus spegazzinii, 149

spinibarbis, see Echinopsis spinibarbis spinulosus, see Selenicereus spinulosus squamosus, see Facheiroa squamosa squarrosus, see Corryocactus squarrosus stellatus, see Stenocereus stellatus subg. Stenocereus, see Stenocereus stenogonus, 149

stenopteris, see Hylocereus stenopteris stramineus, see Echinocereus stramineus strausii, see Cleistocactus strausii striatus, see Peniocereus striatus strigosus, see Echinopsis strigosus sublanatus, see Pilosocereus brasiliensis? swartzii, see Pilosocereus royenii tacaquirensis, see Echinopsis tacaquirensis tacuaralensis, 149 tarijensis, see Echinopsis tarijensis terscheckii, see Echinopsis terscheckii testudo, see Selenicereus testudo tetetzo, see Neobuxbaumia tetetzo tetracanthus, see Harrisia tetracantha tetragonus, see Acanthocereus tetragonus thelagonus, see Echinopsis thelagonus

Cereus, continued thelegonoides, see Echinopsis thelegonoides thouarsii, see Jasiminocereus thouarsii thurberi, see Stenocereus thurberi littoralis, see Stenocereus thurberi tominensis, see Cleistocactus tominensis tonduzii, see Weberocereus tonduzii tortuosus, see Harrisia tortuosa triangularis, see Hylocereus triangularis subg. Trichocereus, see Trichocereus tricostatus, see Hylocereus undatus trigonodendron, 150 trigonus, see Hylocereus trigonus guatemalensis, see Hylocereus guatemalensis trinitatensis, see Hylocereus lemairei trollii, see Oreocereus trollii truncatus, see Schlumbergera truncata tuberosus Pfeiffer, see Thelocactus leucacan-thus tuberosus Poselger, see Echinocereusposelgeri tubiftorus, see Echinopsis tubißorus tunilla, see Weberocereus tunilla tupizensis, see Cleistocactus tupizensis turbinatus, see Echinopsis eyriesii ulei, see Pilosocereus ulei undatus, see Hylocereus undatus undulosus, see Dendrocereus undulosus urbanianus, see Selenicereus urbanianus uruguayanus, see C. hildmannianus subsp.

uruguayanus vagans, see Selenicereus vagans validus, 150 vargasianus, 150

variabilis Engelmann, see Acanthocereus tetragonus variabilis Pfeiffer, see under C.fernambucen-sis vaupelii, see Selenicereus boeckmannii versicolor, see Haageocereus versicolor viperinus, see Peniocereus viperinus viridiflorus, see Echinocereus viridiflorus cylindricus, see Echinocereus viridiflorus subsp. cylindricus warmingii, see Pilosocereus arrabidae weberbaueri, see Weberbauerocereus weber-baueri weberi, see Pachycereus weberi weingartianus, see Leptocereus weingartianus wercklei, see Selenicereus wercklei wittii, see Selenicereus wittii xanthocarpus, see C. hildmannianus yunckeri, see Stenocereusyunckeri zehntneri see Pilosocereus gounellei subsp. zehntneri Chamaecereus, see Echinopsis grandiflorus, see Echinopsis huascha silvestrii, see Echinopsis chamaecereus Chiapasia nelsonii, see Disocactus nelsonii

Chilenia, see Eriosyce chilensis, see Eriosyce chilensis fobeana, see Eriosyce taltalensis? fusca, see Eriosyce taltalensis? juassieui, see Eriosyce curvispinal kunzei, see Eriosyce kunzei napina, see Eriosyce napina nidus, see Eriosyce kunzei nigricans, see Eriosyce limariensis? occulta, see Eriosyce curvispina? odieri, see Eriosyce odieri reichei, see Eriosyce odieri rostrata, see Eriosyce subgibbosa Chileniopsis, see Eriosyce polyrhaphis, see Eriosyce villosa villosa, see Eriosyce villosa Chileorebutia, see Eriosyce aerocarpa, see Eriosyce aerocarpa duripulpa, see Eriosyce napina var. duripulpa esmeraldana, see Eriosyce esmeraldana fulva, see Eriosyce odieri subsp./u/va glabrescens, see Eriosyce odieri subsp. glabre-scens krausii, see Eriosyce krausii malleolata, see Eriosyce krausii napina, see Eriosyce napina reichei, see Eriosyce odieri Chilita, see Mammillaria alamensis, see Mammillaria sheldonii albicans, see Mammillaria albicans angelensis, see Mammillaria angelensis armillata, see Mammillaria armillata aureilanata, see Mammillaria aureilanata aurihamata, see Mammillaria crinita barbata, see Mammillaria barbata blossfeldiana, see Mammillaria blossfeldiana bocasana, see Mammillaria bocasana bombycina, see Mammillaria bombycina boolii, see Mammillaria boolii Candida, see Mammilloydia Candida capensis, see Mammillaria capensis carretii, see Mammillaria carretii colonensis, see Mammillaria beneckn criniformis, see Mammillaria crinita crinita, see Mammillaria crinita decipiens, see Mammillaria decipiens denudata, see Mammillaria lasiacantha dioica, see Mammillaria dioica discolor, see Mammillaria discolor echinaria, see Mammillaria elongata subsp.

echinaria elongata, see Mammillaria elongata erectohamata, see Mammillaria crinita eriacantha, see Mammillaria eriacantha erythrosperma, see Mammillaria erythros-perma eschauzieri, see Mammillaria bocasana subsp. eschauzieri estanzuelensis, see Mammilloydia Candida fasciculata, see Mammillaria thornberi fraileana, see Mammillaria fraileana gasseriana, see Mammillaria gasseriana gilensis, see Mammillaria crinita glochidiata, see Mammillaria glochidiata goodridgei, see Mammillaria goodridgei grahamii, see Mammillaria grahamii gueldemanniana, see Mammillaria sheldonii herrerae, see Mammillaria herrerae hirsuta, see Mammillaria bocasana humboldtii, see Mammillaria humboldtii hutchisoniana, see Mammillaria hutchisoni-ana inaiae, see Mammillaria sheldonii insularis, see Mammillaria insularis knebeliana, see Mammillaria bocasana kunzeana, see Mammillaria bocasana lasiacantha, see Mammillaria lasiacantha lengdobleriana, see Mammillaria lasiacantha lenta, see Mammillaria lenta longicoma, see Mammillaria bocasana longiflora, see Mammillaria longiflora magallanii, see Mammillaria lasiacantha mainae, see Mammillaria mainae mazatlanensis, see Mammillaria mazatla-nensis mercadensis, see Mammillaria mercadensis microcarpa, see Mammillaria grahamii milleri, see Mammillaria grahamii moelleriana, see Mammillaria moelleriana multiceps, see Mammillaria prolifera nelsonii, see Mammillaria beneckii occidentalis, see Mammillaria mazatlanensis oliviae, see Mammillaria grahamii painteri, see Mammillaria crinita phitauiana, see Mammillaria phitauiana pilispina, see Mammillaria pilispina plumosa, see Mammillaria plumosa posseltiana, see Mammillaria mercadensis pottsii, see Mammillaria pottsii prolifera, see Mammillaria prolifera pubispina, see Mammillaria crinita pygmaea, see Mammillaria crinita rettigiana, see Mammillaria mercadensis saffordi, see Mammillaria carretii sanluisensis, see Mammillaria pilispina schiedeana, see Mammillaria schiedeana schieliana, see Mammillariapicta sheldonii, see Mammillaria sheldonii sinistrohamata, see Mammillaria mercadensis slevinii, see Mammillaria albicans sphacelata, see Mammillaria sphacelata swinglei, see Mammillaria swinglei thornberi see Mammillaria thornberi unihamata, see Mammillaria weingartiana verhaertiana, see Mammillaria phitauiana1. vetula, see Mammillaria vetula viereckii, see Mammillaria picta subsp. viereckii viridiflora, see Mammillaria barbata weingartiana, see Mammillaria weingarti-ana wilcoxii, see Mammillaria wrightii subsp. wilcoxii wildii, see Mammillaria glochidiata wrightii, see Mammillaria wrightii xanthina, see Mammillaria standleyi yaquensis, see Mammillaria thornberi subsp.

yaquensis zeilmanniana, see Mammillaria crinita zephyranthoides, see Mammillaria zephyran-thoides zuccariniana, see Mammillaria magnimam-ma

Cintiaknizei, 150-151 Cipocereus, 151 bradei, 150,151 crassisepalus, 151 laniflorus, 152 minensis, 152 subsp. minensis, 152 subsp. pleurocarpus pleurocarpus, see C. minensis subsp. pleurocarpus pusilliflorus, 152 Clistanthocereus, see Cleistocactus calviflorus, see Cleistocactusfieldianus fieldianus, see Cleistocactus fieldianus hertlingianus, see Browningia hertlingiana samnensis, see Cleistocactus fieldianus subsp. samnensis tessellatus, see Cleistocactus fieldianus subsp. tessalatus Cleistocactus, 33,152 acanthurus, 153-154 subsp. acanthurus, 154 subsp.faustianus subsp. pullatus angosturensis, see C. buchtienii anguinus, see C. baumannii subsp. anguinus apurimacensis, see C. morawetzianus areolatus, see C. parviflorus aureispinus Fri?, see C. baumannii aureispinus (F. Ritter) D. R. Hunt, see C. win-teri ayopayanus, see C. buchtienii azerensis, see C. parapetiensis baumannii, 154 subsp. anguinus subsp. baumannii subsp. chacoanus subsp. croceiflorus flavispinus, see C. baumannii subsp. horstii paraguariensis, see C.paraguariensis subsp. santacruzensis brevispinus, see C.peculiaris brookeae, 155

bruneispinus, see C. baumannii buchtienii, 154,155 candelilla, 155

pojoetisis, see C. candelilla capadalensis, see C. tominensis chacoanus, see C. baumannii subsp. chacoanus chotaensis, 155-156 clavicaulis, see C. tominensis clavispinus, 156 compactas, see C. tarijensis crassicaulis, see C. tominensis xcrassiserpens, 156

croceiflorus, see C. baumannii subsp. croceiflorus dependens, 156 ferrarii, 156 fieldianus, 156-157 subsp. fieldianus, 157 subsp. samnensis subsp. tessellatus flavispinus, see C. baumannii fossulatus, see Oreocereuspseudofossulatus fusiflorus, see C. parviflorus glaucus, see C. luribayensis granjaensis, see C. luribayensis grossei, 157

herzogianus, see C. parviflorus hildegardiae, 157

horstii, see C. baumannii subsp. horstii humboldtii, see C. icosagonus hyalacanthus, 157

jujuyensis, see C. hyalacanthus hystrix, 157

ianthinus, see C. candelilla icosagonus, 157-158 jugatiflorus, see C. baumannii jujuyensis, see C. hyalacanthus kerberi, see Stenocereus kerberi lanatus, see Espostoa lanata laniceps, 158 leonensis, see C. serpens luminosus, see C. morawetzianus luribayensis, 158 mendozae, see C. tominensis micropetalus, 158-159 morawetzianus, 159

pycnacanthus, see C. morawetzianus muyurinensis, 159 neoroezlii, 159 orthogonus, 159 pachycladus, 159 palhuayensis, 160 paraguariensis, 160 parapetiensis, 160 parviflorus, 28,160 peculiaris, 160-161 piraymirensis, 161 plagiostoma, 161 pojoetisis, see C. candelilla pungens, 161

pycnacanthus, see C. morawetzianus reae, 161

ressinianus, see C. buchtienii rhodacanthus, see Denmoza rhodacantha ritteri, 161 roezlii, 161-162 samaipatanus, 162

santacruzensis, see C. baumannii subsp. santacruzensis sepium, 33,162 serpens, 162-163 sextonianus, 163 smaragdiflorus, 163 strausii, 163-164 sucrensis, see C. buchtienii tarijensis, 164 tenuiserpens, 164 tominensis, 164 tupizensis, 164-165 vallegrandensis, see C. candelilla varispinus, 165

villaazulensis, see C. morawetzianus viridialabastri, see C. tominensis viridiflorus, see C. palhuayensis vulpis-cauda, 164,165 wendlandiorum, see C. brookeae winteri, 165 xylorhizus, 165 Cochemiea, 165 halei, 166 maritima, 166 pondii, 166 poselgeri, 33,166,167 senilis, see Mammillaria senilis setispina, 166,167 Cochiseia robbinsorum, see Escobaría robbinso-rum

Coleocephalocereus, 167

albicephalus, see Micranthocereus albicepha-lus aureispinus, see Pilosocereus aureispinus aureus, 167-168 brevicylindricus, see C. aureus elongatus, see C. aureus longispinus, see C. aureus braunii, see C, buxbaumianus brevicylindricus, see C. aureus buxbaumianus, 168 subsp. buxbaumianus subsp. flavisetus, 168 decumbens, see C.fluminensis subsp. decum-bens diersianus, see C.fluminensis dybowskii, see Espostoopsis dybowskii elongatus, see C. aureus estevesii, see C. buxbaumianus flavisetus, see C. buxbaumianus subsp. flavisetus

Coleocephalocereus, continued fluminensis, 168-169

braamhaarii, see C. fluminensis subsp. decumbens subsp. fluminensis, 169 paulensis, see C. fluminensis goebeiianus, 169

subg. Lagenopsis, see Stephanocereus lehmannianus, see Micranthocereus purpureus luetzelburgii, see Stephanocereus luetzelbur-

pachystele, see C. goebeiianus paulensis, see C. fluminensis pluricostatus, 31,169-170

uebelmanniorum, see C. pluricostatus purpureus, 170 Coloradoa mesa-verdae, see Sclerocactus mesa-

verdae Consolea, 170 acaulis, see Opuntia acaulis corallicola, 170-171 falcata, 171

ferox, see C. moniliformis guanicana, see C. rubescens macracantha, 171-172 millspaughii, 172 subsp. caytnanensis subsp. millspaughii moniliformis, 172 subsp. guantanamana subsp. moniliformis, 172 nashii, 172-173 subsp. gibarensis subsp. nashii, 173 picardae, 173 rubescens, 173 spinosissima, 173-174 Copiapoa, 35,41,75,82,174 albispina, see C. cinerea alticostata, see C. coquimbana applanata, see C. cinerascens atacamensis, 29,174,175 boliviano, see C. atacamensis bridgesii, 175

brunnescens, see C. megarhiza calderana, 175 longistaminea, see C. longistaminea spinosior carrizalensis, see C. malletiana castanea, see C. serpentisulcata chaniaralensis, see C. marginata cinerascens, 175-176 cinerea, 40,176 columna-alba, see C. cinerea dealbata, see C. malletiana gigantea, see C. haseltoniana haseltoniana, see C. haseltoniana krainziana, see C. krainziana longistaminea, see C. longistaminea columna-alba, see C. cinerea conglomerata, 20,176 coquimbana, 29,176,177 cuprea, see C. echinoides cupreata, see C. echinoides dealbata, see C. malletiana desertorum, see C. taltalensis dura, see C. echinoides echinata, see C.fiedleriana echinoides, 177 eremophila, see C. haseltoniana esmeraidana, 177 ferox, see C. solaris fiedleriana, 177 gigantea, see C. haseltoniana grandiflora, 177-178 haseltoniana, 178 hornilloensis, see C. taltalensis humilis, 178

tenuissima, see C. tenuissima tocopillana, see C. tocopillana hypogaea, 178

montana, see C. taltalensis intermedia, see C.fiedleriana knizei, see Cintia knizei krainziana, 178 laui, 15,16,23,179 lembckei, see C. calderana longispina, see C. mollicula longistaminea, 179 malletiana, 15,179-180 marginata, 180 megarhiza, 180 melanohystrix, see C. cinerea mollicula, 180 montana, see C. taltalensis grandiflora, see C. grandiflora oliviana, see C. taltalensis paposoensis, see C. humilis pendulina, see C. coquimbana pseudocoquimbana, see C. coquimbana rarissima, see C. taltalensis rubriflora, see C. taltalensis rupestris, see C. taltalensis serpentisulcata, 180-181 solaris, 28,181

streptocaulon, see C. marginata taltalensis, 181-182 tenebrosa, see C. haseltonia tenuissima, 182 tocopillana, 182 totoralensis, see C.fiedleriana vallenarensis, see C. coquimbana varispinata, see C. conglomerata wagenknechtii, see C. coquimbana Corryocactus, 182 acervatus, see C. aureus apiciflorus, 182-183

aureus, 183

ayacuchoensis, see C. brevistylus ayopayanus, see C. pulquinensis brachycladus, see C. squarrosus brachypetalus, 183 brevispinus, see C. brevistylus brevistylus, 183-184 subsp. brevistylus subsp. puquiensis, 183 chachapoyensis, 184 charazanensis, 184 chavinilloensis, see C. squarrosus cuajonesensis, see C. aureus erectus, 184

gracilis, see C. squarrosus heteracanthus, see C. brevistylus huincoensis, 184 krausii, see C. brevistylus matucanensis, see C. huincoensis maximus, see C. apiciflorus megarhizus, see C. squarrosus melaleucus, see C. squarrosus melanotrichus, 184,185 odoratus, see C. squarrosus otuyensis, see C. squarrosus pachycladus, see C. brevistylus perezianus, see C. melanotrichus pilispinus, see C. squarrosus prostratus, see C. aureus pulquiensis, 58,59,184-185 puquiensis, see C. brevistylus subsp. puquiensis pyroporphyranthus, see C. erectus quadrangularis, 185

quivillanus, see C. squarrosus serpens, see C. erectus solitaris, see C. apiciflorus spiniflorus, see Austrocactus spiniflorus squarrosus, 185 tarijensis, see C. melanotrichus tenuiculus, see C. squarrosus Corynopuntia, see Grusonia agglomerata, see Grusonia agglomerata bulbispina, see Grusonia bulbispina clavata, see Grusonia clavata dumetorum, see Grusonia dumetorum grahamii, see Grusonia grahamii invicta, see Grusonia invicta moelleriana, see Grusonia moelleri pulchella, see Grusonia pulchella reflexispina, see Grusonia reflexispina schottii, see Grusonia schottii stanlyi, see Grusonia emoryi vilis, see Grusonia vilis Coryphantha, 26,27,30,186 albicolumnaria, see Escobaría albicolumnaria alversonii, see Escobaría alversonii andreae, see C. pycnacantha arizonica, see Escobaría vivípara asperispina, see Escobaria missouriensis subsp. asperispina asterias, see C. ottonis bergeriana, see C. glanduligera bernalensis, see C. radians bisbeeana, see Escobaria vivípara borwigii, see C. salinensis bumamma, see C. elephantidens bussleri, see C. ottonis calipetisis, 186 calochlora, 186

chihuahuensis, see Escobaria chihuahuensis chlorantha, see Escobaria deserti clava, see C. octacantha clavata, 186-187

columnaris, see Escobaria vivípara compacta, 60,63,187

conimamma, see C. sulcolanata connivens, see C.pycnacantha conoidea, see Neolloydia conoidea cornifera, 187

cornuta, 187

cubensis, see Escobaria cubensis cuencamensis, see C. delaetiana dasyacantha, see Escobaria dasyacantha varicolor, see Escobaria tuberculosa delaetiana, 187 delicata, see C. radians densispina, see C. werdermannii deserti, see Escobaria deserti difficilis, 188

duncanii, see Escobaria duncanii durangensis, 188

echinoidea, 188

echinus, 188

elephantidens, 188,189

emskoetteriana, see Escobaria emskoetteriana erecta, 189

exsudons, see C. ottonis fragrans, see Escobaria vivípara garessii, see C. elephantidens georgii, 189

gladiispina, see C. delaetiana glanduligera, 189 glassii, 190 gracilis, 190

grandis, see C. longicornis grata, 190

greenwoodii, see C. elephantidens guerkeana, 190

henricksonii, see Escobaria chihuahuensis subsp. henricksonii hesteri, see Escobaria hesteri hintoniorum, 190 indensis, 190 jalpanensis, 190-191 laredoi, see Escobaria laredoi laui, see C. delaetiana longicornis, 191

macromeris, 63,191 subsp. macromeris, 191 subsp. runyonii macrothele, see C. octacantha maiz-tablasensis, 191-192 maliterrarum, 192 marstonii, see Escobaria missouriensis melleospina, 192 minima, see Escobaria minima missouriensis, see Escobaria missouriensis marstonii, see Escobaria missouriensis muehlbaueriana, see Escobaria emskoetteriana muehlenpfordtii, see C. robustispina uncinata, see C. robustispina subsp. unci-nata neglecta, 192

nellieae, see Escobaria minima neoscheeri, see C. robustispina nickelsiae, 192 obscura, see C. sulcata octacantha, 192 odorata, 193

oklahomensis, see Escobaria vivípara organensis, see Escobaria organensis orcuttii, see Escobaria orcuttii ottonis, 193 pallida, 193 palmeri, see C. compacta pectinata, see C. echinus pirtlei, see C. macromeris poselgeriana, 193 potosiana, 194 pseudoechinus, 194 pseudonickelsiae, see C. delaetiana pseudoradiarts, 194 pulleineana, 194 pusilliflora, 194 pycnacantha, 194-195 radians, 195

radiosa, see Escobaria vivipara ramillosa, 80,195,691 recurvata, 195-196,691 recurvispina, see C. elephantidens reduncispina, 196 retusa, 196

robbinsorum, see Escobaria robbinsorum robustispina, 196-197,691 subsp. robustispina subsp. scheeri subsp. uncinata roederiana, see C. salinensis rosea, see Escobaria vivipara roseana, see Acharagma roseana runyonii, see C. macromeris subsp. runyonii salinensis, 197

salm-dyckiana sensu Britton and Rose, see

C. delaetiana scheeri, see C. robustispina subsp. scheeri robustispina, see C. robustispina subsp. robustispina uncinata, see C. robustispina subsp. uncinata schwarziana, see C. echinoidea similis, see Escobaria missouriensis sneedii, see Escobaria sneedii speciosa, see C. sulcata strobiliformis, see Escobaria chihuahuensis?

orcuttii, see Escobaria orcuttii sulcata, 197 sulcolanata, 197 tripugionacantha, 197 unicornis, 197 valida, see C. poselgeriana varicolor, see Escobaria tuberculosa vaupeliana, 198 villarensis, see C. georgii vivipara, see Escobaria vivipara bisbeeana, see Escobaria vivipara buoflama, see Escobaria vivipara kaibabensis, see Escobaria vivipara vogtherriana, 198 werdermannii, 198 wohlschlageri, 198 zilziana, see Escobaria zilziana Cryptocereus, see Selenicereus anthonyanus, see Selenicereus anthonyanus imitans, see Weberocereus imitans rosei, see Weberocereus rosei Cullmannia viperina, see Peniocereus viperina Cumarinia odorata, see Coryphantha odorata Cumulopuntia, 198 alboareolata, see C. zehnderi berteri, see C. sphaerica boliviana, 198-199 chichensis, 199 corotilla, 200 crassicylindrica, 200 dactylifera, 200 echinacea, see C. boliviana famatinensis, see C. boliviana frígida, 200 fulvicoma, 200 galerasensis, 200 hystrix, 200 ignescens, 200-201 ignota, see C. corotilla kuehnrichiana, see Cumulopuntia sphaerica mistiensis, 201

multiareolata, see C. sphaerica pampana, see C. boliviana pentlandii, 201

pyrrhacantha, 201-202

rauppiana, see C. sphaerica rossiana, 202

sphaerica, 202

subterránea, see Maihueniopsis subterránea ticnamarensis, 202

Cumulopuntia, continued tortispina, 202-203 tubercularis, see C. sphaerica túmida, 203 unguispina, 203 zehnderi, 203 Cylindropuntia, 27,36,62,203 abyssi, 203-204 acanthocarpa, 58,61,204 var. acanthocarpa var. coloradensis ganderi, see C.ganderi var. major var. thornberi alamosensis, see C. thurberi alcahes, 204-205 var. alcahes var. burrageana, 205 var. gigantensis var. mcgillii anteojoensis, 205 arbuscula, 205 bigelovii, 61,205-206 var. bigelovii, 206 var. ciribe xhoffmannii, see C. xfosbergii brevispina, see C. alcahes brittonii, see C. leptocaulis burrageana, see C. alcahes var. burrageana californica, 206 var. californica var. delgadilloana var. parkeri var. rosarica calmalliana, 206-207 cardenche, see C. imbricata? caribaea, 207 cedrosensis, 207 cholla, 207

rinbe, see C. bigelovii var. ciriie clavarioides, see Maihueniopsis clavarioides clavata, see Grusonia clavata clavellina, see C. molesta var. clavellina xcongesta, 207

cylindrica, see Austrocylindropuntia cylin-

drica davisii, 208 xdeserta, 208 echinocarpa, 208,209 exaltata, see Austrocylindropuntia subulata xfosbergii, 208 fulgida, 34,58,61,208 var. fulgida, 209 var. mamillata ganderi, 208-209 var. catavinensis, 209 vir. ganderi haematacantha, see Austrocylindropuntia verschaffeltii hualpaensis, see C. whipplei humacuacana, see Austrocylindropuntia shaferi imbricata, 61,63,70,209-210 var. argentea, 209 var. imbricata intermedia, see Austrocylindropuntia cylindrica xkelvinensis, 210 kleiniae, 210 leptocaulis, 210 lindsayi, 210 metuenda, see C. caribaea miquelii, see Miqueliopuntia miquelii molesta, 211 var. clavellina, 211 var. molesta xmultigeniculata, 211 munzii, 211 xneoarbuscula, 211

pachypus, see Austrocylindropuntia pachypus pallida, see C. rosea parryi, see C. californica prolifera, 211-212

ramosissima, 212

recóndita, see C. kleiniae rosarica, see C. californica var. rosarica rosea, 212

salmiana, see Austrocylindropuntia salmiana sanfelipensis, 212 santamaría, 213

shaferi, see Austrocylindropuntia shaferi spinosior, 34,213

subulata, see Austrocylindropuntia subulata teres, see Austrocylindropuntia vestita tesajo, 213

xtetracantha, 213

thurberi, 214

tunicata, 61,69,214

verschaffeltii, see Austrocylindropuntia verschaffeltii versicolor, 25,214

vesfzfa, see Austrocylindropuntia vestita xviridiflora, 214 x vivípara, 215

weingartiana, see Austrocylindropuntia shaferi whipplei, 61,215 wigginisii, see C. echinocarpa wolfii, 215 Deamia, see Selenicereus diabólica, see Selenicereus testudo testudo, see Selenicereus testudo Dendrocereus, 216 nudiflorus, 216-217 «Míí«íosus,216,217 Denmoza, 217

erythrocephala, see D. rhodantha rhodacantha, 217

Digitorebutia, see Rebutía atrovirens, see Rebutía pygmaea7. brachyantha, see Rebutía steinmannii costata, see Rebutía steinmannii haagei, see Rebutía pygmaea nazarenoensis, see Rebutía pygmaea orurensis, see Rebutía pygmaea pectinata, see Rebutía pygmaea ritteri, see Rebutía ritteri Discocactus, 218,692 albispinus, see D. zehntneri alteolens, see D.placentiformis araneispinus, see D. zehntneri bahiensis, 218 subsp. bahiensis subsp. subviridigriseus, 219 boliviensis, see D. heptacanthus boomianus, see D. zehntneri subsp. boomi-anus buenekeri, see D. zehntneri cangaensis, see D. heptacanthus catingicola, see A heptacanthus subsp. ca-tingicola griseus, see D. heptacanthus rapirhizus, see D. heptacanthus cephaliaciculosus, see D. heptacanthus nudicephalus, see D. heptacanthus crassispinus, see D. heptacanthus araguaiensis, see D. heptacanthus crystallophilus, see D.placentiformis diersianus, see D. heptacanthus goianus, see D. heptacanthus estevesii, see D. heptacanthus ferricola, 218

flavispinus, see D. heptacanthus goianus, see D. heptacanthus griseus, see D. heptacanthus hartmannii, see D. heptacanthus giganteas, see D. heptacanthus magnimammus, see D. heptacanthus subsp. magnimammus patulifolius, see D. heptacanthus setosiflorus, see D. heptacanthus heptacanthus, 218-219 subsp. catingicola subsp. heptacanthus subsp. magnimammus, 219 melanochlorus, see D. heptacanthus riomortensis, see D. heptacanthus horstii, 31,220 insignis, see D.placentiformis insignis sensu Buining, see D.pseudoinsignis latispinus, see D. placentiformis pseudolatispinus, see D.placentiformis pulvicapitatus, see D.placentiformis lindaianus, see D. heptacanthus magnimammus, see D. heptacanthus subsp. magnimammus bonitoensis, seeD. heptacanthus mamillosus, see /). hartma

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