Cylindropuntia imbricata Haworth F M Knuth 1935

abr0j0, candelabrum cactus, cane cactus, cane cholla, cardenche, cardon, c0y0n0style, joconostli, tesajo, tesajo macho, tree cholla, vela de coyote, xoconostle Cactus imbricatus Haworth 1821, Opuntia imbricata (Haworth)

A. P. deCandolle 1828 Opuntia arborescens Engelmann 1848

?0puntia cardenche Griffiths 1908,7Cylindropuntia cardenche (Griffiths) F. M. Knuth 1935 Opuntia lloydii Rose 1909

Opuntia imbricata var. argentea M. Anthony 1956, Cylindropuntia imbricata var. argentea (M. Anthony) Backeberg 1958

Plants treelike or shrubby, 1-3 m (3.3-9.8 ft) high, often with short trunks. Stem segments cylindrical to somewhat club shaped, gray-green, 8-25 cm (3.1-9.8 in) long, 1.5-4 cm (0.61.6 in) in diameter, with very prominent, widely spaced tubercles. Areoles with yellow to tan wool, aging to back, elliptical. Glochids pale yellow, 0.5-3 mm long. Spines present on most areoles, 5-30, not obscuring the stems, silver to yellow to reddish or brown, stout, rounded or sometimes flattened in cross section basally, spreading, straight or curved; sheaths silver to yellow. Flowers dark pink to magenta to reddish magenta. Fruits obovoid, fleshy, yellow, spineless, 2.4-4.5 cm (0.9-1.8 in) long, 2-4 cm (0.8-1.6 in) in diameter. Distribution: southern central United States and northern Mexico.

The spine sheaths of Cylindropuntia imbricata are used medicinally, and the glochids and spines ceremonially. Its gum has been used as a chewing gum (Chapter 2, under Cacti as Medicine, and Other Uses of Cacti). Two varieties of C. im-

Cylindropuntia imbricata var. argentea

Cylindropuntia echinocarpa

Cylindropuntia ganderi var. catavinensis

Cylindropuntia echinocarpa

Cylindropuntiafulgida var. fulgida

Cylindropuntia ganderi var. catavinensis bricata are often recognized. Variety imbricata often becomes a tree to 3 m (9.8 ft) high but has small stem segments; its range is wide. Variety argentea is only shrubby but has large stem segments; it occurs only in the Big Bend region of Texas.

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