Coryphantha longicornis Boedeker 1931

biznaga de pina

Coryphantha grandis L. Bremer 1978

Plants usually solitary, globose to short cylindrical, pale gray-green, 9-30 cm (3.5-12 in) high, 10-15 cm (3.9-5.9 in) in diameter, covered by spines, with woolly stem tips. Tubercles very firm, more or less erect, conical. Central spines 3, rigid, white to brown, often with blackish tips, 13-25 mm (0.5-1 in) long, lower one strongly curved and descending, upper ones shorter. Radial spines 12, translucent white, 6-13 mm (0.2-0.5 in) long. Flowers yellow, 4-6.5 cm (1.6-2.6 in) long, 4-7.5 cm (1.6-3 in) in diameter. Fruits yellowish green, 1417 mm (0.6-0.7 in) long. Distribution: Durango, Mexico.

Coryphantha macromeris (Engelmann) Lemaire 1868

big needle cactus, big nipple cory-cactus, dona ana, long mamma, nipple beehive cactus

Mammillaria macromeris Engelmann 1848, Lepidocoryphantha macromeris (Engelmann) Backeberg 1942 Coryphantha runyonii Britton & Rose 1923, Lepidocoryphantha runyonii (Britton & Rose) Backeberg 1961, C. macromeris var. runyonii (Britton & Rose) L. D. Benson 1969, C. macromeris subsp. runyonii (Britton & Rose) N. P. Taylor 1998, L. macromeris subsp. runyonii (Britton & Rose) Doweld 1999 Coryphantha pirtlei Werdermann 1934

Plants commonly forming clumps, often to 15 cm (5.9 in) high and 1 m (3.3 ft) wide. Roots fleshy. Stems globose to cylindrical, somewhat flaccid, dark green to blue-green, sometimes becoming gray-green, to 23 cm (9.1 in) high, 4-8 cm (1.6-3.1 in) in diameter. Tubercles very conspicuous, narrowly conical to cylindrical, soft skinned, to 15 mm (0.6 in) long; furrows extending only halfway to axils, sometimes with glands. Central spines 1-4, sometimes as many as 6, blackish, brown, or gray, slightly flexible and curved, 25-35 mm (1-1.4 in) long. Radial spines 9-15, slender, white to brown, 16-25 mm (0.6-1 in) long. Flowers bright rose pink or magenta, 3-5 cm (1.2-2 in) long, 4.5-7 cm (1.8-2.8 in) in diameter; perianth parts fringed. Fruits green, to 25 mm (1

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