Cleistocactus peculiar is

(Rauh & Backeberg) Ostolaza 1998

Loxanthocereus peculiaris Rauh & Backeberg 1957, Haageocereus peculiaris (Rauh & Backeberg) F. Ritter 1958 Loxanthocereus brevispinus Rauh & Backeberg 1958 Loxanthocereus cantaensis Rauh & Backeberg 1958 Cleistocactus brevispinus F. Ritter 1981

Plants shrubby, sparsely branched, to 2 m (6.6 ft) high. Stems gray-green, 1.7-2.2 cm (0.7-0.9 in) in diameter. Ribs 10-13,

Cleistocactus parapetiensis

very blunt. Spines needle-like, straight, rigid, reddish brown. Central spines 4-8, fairly stout, 4-7 mm (to 0.3 in) long. Radial spines 8-12, fine, somewhat erect, 3-5 mm long. Flowers more or less radially symmetrical, barely open, violet-red, to 6 cm (2.4 in) long. Distribution: Apurimac, Peru.

Cleistocactus piraymirensis Cárdenas 1961 Seticleistocactus piraymirensis (Cárdenas) Backeberg 1963

Plants shrubby, branching basally with several erect stems to 1 m (3.3 ft) high. Stems tapering, gray-green, to 3 cm (1.2 in) in diameter. Ribs about 15. Areoles widely separated, prominent, blackish. Spines needle-like, thin, whitish. Central spine one, directed downward, 15-25 mm (0.6-1 in) long. Radial spines 12-18, spreading, 4-10 mm (to 0.4 in) long. Flowers bilaterally symmetrical, somewhat S shaped, magenta, 5-6 cm (2-2.4 in) long, to 1.2 cm (0.5 in) in diameter. Fruits greenish purple, to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) long. Distribution: Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Cleistocactus plagiostoma (Vaupel) d. r. Hunt 1997 Cereus plagiostoma Vaupel 1913, Borzicactus plagiostoma (Vaupel)

Britton & Rose 1920 Borzicactus purpureus F. Ritter 1981

Plants shrubby, branching basally with erect to ascending stems, to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) high. Stems 5-7 cm (2-2.8 in) in diameter. Ribs 10-15, low, wavy. Areoles close set. Spines straight, nearly black. Central spines 1-5, awl-like, 10-30 mm (0.4-1.2 in) long. Radial spines 12-16, needle-like, 4-7 mm (to 0.3 in) long. Flowers somewhat bilaterally symmetrical, intense purple, to 8 cm (3.1 in) long. Distribution: Ca-jamarca, Peru.

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