Ciudad Universitaria Apartado Postal 7061404510 Coyoacn Mxico DF Mexico

This major Mexican botanic garden is part of the National University of Mexico and has an area of 10 hectares (25 acres). A major portion of the garden is dedicated to Dra. Helia Bravo H., Mexico's foremost cactus specialist, and contains a cactus collection of 455 species, the origin of 300 (66%) documented, including 23 species listed in Appendix I of the cites Cactaceae Checklist (Hunt 1999a). Important collections of cacti include those of and S. Arias M., H. Bravo H„ D. B. Gold, U. Guzmán C., E. Matuda, E Miranda, J. Reyes S„ and H. Sánchez-Mejorada R.

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