Research for The Cactus Family has extended over the more than four decades that I have studied cacti, so it would be difficult to acknowledge all those from whom I have received assistance. First, however, I thank the administration and staff of the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, for their support and encouragement, because this book would not have been possible without the time, facilities, and plants the garden provided.

Financial support for my cactus research has come from numerous sources, including the American Philosophical Society, National Science Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, International Organization for Succulent Plant Study (IOS), Cactus and Succulent Society of America, Huntington Botanical Gardens, Desert Botanical Garden, and Whitman College. I especially acknowledge the financial support of my son, Clark E. Anderson, who gave several grants to the Desert Botanical Garden for my research.

My numerous field trips have involved both students and colleagues: Richard O. Albert, Salvador Arias, Heather Blaine, Derek Bowdry, Helia Bravo, Richard Brown, Hugo Cota, Chris Davidson, W. A. and Betty Fitz Maurice, Conrad Fleming, Keith Gardner, Ann Gillespie, Charles Glass, Keith Grantham, Eugene Hart, Ken Heil, Wendy Hodgson, Adriana Hoffmann, Fred and Catherine Kattermann, Michael Long, Joe McAuliffe, Robert and Sue Maule, Paul Mill, Carlos Ostolaza, Mark Porter, Patrick Quirk, Jon Rebman, Hernando Sánchez-Mejorada, David Sands, Susan Skillman, Liz Slauson, Timothy Swanberg, Nigel Taylor, Brian Thompson, Ian Thwait, James S. Todd, and Robert S. Wallace.

The following botanic gardens graciously permitted me to photograph cacti in their collections: Berlin Botanic Garden, Desert Botanical

Garden, Huntington Botanical Gardens, Jardin Exotique de Monaco, Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Jardín Botánico Tropical "Pinya de Rosa," St. George Village Botanical Garden of St. Croix, and the Zürich Succulent Plant Collection.

Research for The Cactus Family and its writing have been possible only because of the support and encouragement of colleagues of the International Cactaceae Systematics Group, formerly called the IOS Cactaceae Working Party. Every member of the group was in some way instrumental but I particularly thank Mats Hjertson, Fred Kattermann, W. A. and Betty Fitz Maurice, James Mauseth, Donald Pinkava, Jon Rebman, Wolfgang Stuppy, Nigel Taylor, and Robert Wallace for reading portions of the manuscript, providing critical data, or helping confirm identifications. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Barthlott has been particularly supportive and I appreciate his writing the foreword. I also thank Dr. Roger Brown for contributing the important and informative chapter on cactus cultivation.

Writing this book would have been much more difficult had it not been for the support, both direct and indirect, of David Hunt. His com-pilational and organizational abilities insured the effectiveness of the International Cactaceae Systematics Group and the several publications that have resulted from it. My sincere thanks go to him.

The entire staff of the Desert Botanical Garden have been both supportive and helpful. In particular, I thank Dr. Robert G. Breunig, former executive director, who expressed the desire that I undertake the task of writing this book. His successor, Carolyn O'Malley, has also been highly supportive. Four staff members were especially helpful in my research and writing: librarians Jane Cole, Dianne Bean, and Jennifer Orf, and cactus horticulturist Patrick Quirk. I also thank William Huizingh, a trustee, for assistance in assembling the Index of Common Names.

Photographs form an essential part of The Cactus Family and I thank colleagues for generously loaning me color slides or other photographs: Alberto Areces-Mallea, Wilhelm Barthlott, Graham Charles, Urs Eggli, the estate of Charles Glass, Keith Grantham, Ruth Green house, Fred Kattermann, Roberto Kiesling, Myron Kimnach, Beat Leuenberger, George Lindsay, James Mauseth, Roy Mottram, Reto Nyffeler, Carlos Ostolaza, Werner Rauh, Jon Rebman, Gordon Rowley, Stacy Schaefer, Douglas Sharon, JeanMarie Solichon, Nigel Taylor, and Bill Weightman. Credits for their contributions are noted in the captions. The photograph of Lyman Benson is by

Frank B. Salisbury. The line drawings by the late Lucretia Breazeale Hamilton were provided by the Desert Botanical Garden.

Finally, I especially acknowledge the assistance and support of my wife, Adele, who has spent many arduous hours in the field with me and has provided the love and support that is necessary for such a task as writing The Cactus Family.

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