Watering and Fertilization

From spring to autumn Coryphantha spp. need to be watered regularly and the soil should never dry out completely. In summer, weekly watering may be necessary, in spring and autumn a bit less, depending on the weather. Some species from northern Mexico and all species with taproots, e.g. C. gracilis, are very sensitive to over-watering and their roots can rot very easily. After watering, the plant body should dry as fast as possible.

Therefore, the optimum time to water them is early in the morning. During the hottest time of summer, they may also be watered in the evening. Watering from above reduces excessive production of wool on the plant. The water should not contain too much lime. Occasional watering with limy water does not harm the plants, but watering with rainwater proved to be better. Rainwater has to be controlled, however, because it should not be contaminated by environmental dirt, i.e. copper from the roof and so on.

As soon as the Coryphantha spp. start to grow in spring, they need fertilizer. Until the end of June they need about four to six applications; later on, fertilization should be stopped completely to allow the new sprouts to mature before wintertime.

Normal liquid fertilizers, which are available for all kinds of flowers, will do well for Coryphantha spp. The indicated concentration for cacti must be observed and the plants should not receive too much nitrate.

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