Perianth Segments

A differentiation is made between inner and outer perianth segments. The number of perianth segments is not indicated. The features used are shown in Figs. 19-21.

Concerning the colour of outer perianth segments, the coloration of the outer surface is meant, for inner perianth segments, the inner surface only is considered. Often perianth segments are not unicoloured, a mid-stripe of a different colour is sometimes present. With regard to the outer perianth segments, the midstripe is usually within the colour spectrum green-red-brown. Inner perianth segments may show a different colour at their base in the throat.

Fig. 17. Direction and position of radial spines. a horizontal, b porrect and c appressed direction, d radiating, e irregularly radiating, f densely set above and g bundled position
Fig. 18. Flower measurements (open flower). Length (L), breadth (B)

Fig. 19. Measurements and shapes of perianth segments. Above Measurements, length (L)/breadth (B); left oblanceolate and right spatulate shape

Fig. 20. Margins of perianth segments. Left entire, middle dentate, right ciliate

Fig. 21. Shapes of tips of perianth segments. a acute, b apiculate, c acuminate, d caudate, e rounded, f retuse, g notched

Fig. 22. Flower organs. Ovary (1), style (2), filaments (3), anthers (4), stigma lobes (5)

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