Optimum Cultivation Conditions

In general, the optimum cultivation conditions for Coryphantha spp. do not differ from those of other North American genera. The easiest way to cultivate Coryphantha spp. is to grow them in a greenhouse. However, some species, especially those of southern and central Mexico, can be grown on a windowsill as well as in the garden, if protected from rain and frost. They are quite undemanding as regards the climate of their surroundings. In summer, they like enough light and warmth and can be watered frequently. In winter, they need a rest for several months and should not be watered. They do not need to stand directly under glass, but in a place with a lot of light and direct sun exposure. They are very rarely burnt by the sun, on the contrary, they protect themselves with a lot of wool and longer and denser spination, which makes them more attractive to the grower. However, sufficient ventilation or circulation of air is necessary.

In winter, if the plants are hardy and the pots are completely dry, they can withstand freezing temperatures. However, temperatures from 4 to 12 °C are ideal.

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