Subgenus Neocoryphantha Backeberg emend Dicht A Lthy

Jahrb. Dtsch. Kakt. Ges. 2: 61,1942 (pro parte). Emend. Cact. Syst.Init. (11): 8,2001 Type: Coryphantha clavata (Scheidweiler) Backeberg.

Synonyms: Mammillaria sect. Glanduliferae Salm-Dyck in Walpers [in Suppl.I] Repert. bot. syst. 2(2): 272,1843 (nom.inval. ICBN art. 52.1, incl. M. aulacothele Lemaire, the type species of the earlier and validly published Mammillaria sect. Aulacothelae Lemaire, Cact. Gen. Nov. 92,1839); Coryphantha Series Recurvatae Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 4:24, 1923 (pro parte, typ. excl.); Coryphantha series Glanduliferae (Salm-Dyck) Bravo & Sánchez-Mejorada, Las Cactáceas de México 3: 475,1991 (nom.inval. ICBN art 52.1). Definition: Areoles Macromeris-, Protoco-ryphantha-, Protomammillaria- or Ortegocac-tus type (ZIMMERMAN 1985, p. 61), with nectary glands in the tubercle grooves and/or in the axils. Cortex watery or mucilaginous. Seeds reniform.

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