The flowers of the various species all have the same anatomical details except for size and colour. One further difference to note is that for some species the flower, when fully developed, remains "funnelform". The size of the flowers can vary depending on flowering time, age of the plant and on variable growing conditions concerning temperature, light, nutrition and humidity. The size can even vary on an individual plant from one flower to the next. Our measurements concern the characteristics shown in Fig. 18.

The colour of the flowers varies noticeably. The intensity of the coloration of the complete flower can vary from pale to saturated. Moreover, singular features, e.g. a red tinge in the throat, may vary from nearly unnoticeable to deep red. In certain species the colour may change with the age of the flower, e.g. a yellow flower turning whitish or pale rose when fading. Some species even have flowers in different colours from yellow through white to magenta.

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