Coryphantha sp in Cultivation

Most Coryphantha spp. are rather easy to cultivate. Thanks to their undemanding nature, they willingly display their numerous large flowers from summer to late autumn.

Nevertheless, a lot of patience is required to cultivate Coryphantha spp.: they grow very slowly and the time from germination to the first flower may take more than 10 years. To obtain plants with fully developed spination, another couple of years may pass. On the other hand, the happiness and pride in succeeding to cultivate such a jewel is reward enough. Observing such a plant over this growing period is very interesting, especially in this genus, because many species constantly change their appearance during this process and the grower can always detect something new.

Species, whose natural habitat are the more southern regions of Mexico, are the easiest to grow in cultivation, whereas those from the more northerly Mexican states and the USA are usually more difficult. The latter category includes C. robustispina, C. poselgeriana or C. werdermannii.

When cultivated, almost all Coryphantha spp. flower regularly as soon as they have reached a certain size and maturity, which is indicated by the appearance of tubercle grooves. Exceptions are C. erecta and C. glas-sii, which are slow flowerers in cultivation. Much patience is needed for C. recurvata, but once it starts to flower, it displays several flowers at once.

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