As described in Chapter 5, Position and Delimitation of the Genus Coryphantha, the areole essentially consists of three different organs: the spiniferous part, the groove, and the axil. In most cactus literature the expression areole is used only for the spine-bearing part. For the whole areole, another word, e.g. podarium, should be used. For clarity and consistency with former publications, we describe the three parts of the podarium separately as areole (spine-bearing part), groove and axil. In the text, the expression 'spinifer-ous areole' is sometimes used to highlight precisely what specific part of the podarium is under discussion.

Fig. 11. Measurements of tubercle size, length of upper (a) and lower (b) surface

Fig. 12. Measurements of tubercle size, height (h) and breadth (b)

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