Succulent plant flora in the United States

Most succulents are located in the western USA, although members of the Cactaceae are found virtually throughout the country, as well as in much of Canada. The genus of the Crassulaceae is widespread in numerous vegetation types in both countries.

The main succulent plant families in the USA are the Agavaceae, Cactaceae, and Crassulaceae. The Aizoaceae, Burseraceae, Commelinaceae, Fouquieriaceae, and Portulacaceae are also present, but not in large numbers as compared to in Mexico. The Agavaceae has five genera and 70 species in the USA. The Cactaceae has 29 genera (2 endemic) and 246 species. The Crassulaceae has 3 genera with more than 100 species.

The main vegetation types with succulent plants are the Sonoran Desert, Mohave Desert, Great Basin (Sagebrush) Desert, Chihuahua Desert, Desert Grassland, Coastal Desert Scrub, and Chaparral.

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