R R Adenia Burtt Davy ssp. simpiicifoiia Wilde *

V A. karibaensis Wilde

V nt A. spinosa Burtt Davy *

1 Column one indicates the conservation status of each taxon within Zimbabwe; the global status is indicated in column two, except for endemics where the global status is the same as that for the country. The global status was obtained from the WCMC (1993) and updated based on information from the 'SARARES' database.

" The taxon name given generally follows the nomenclature used in Arnold and De Wet (1993). however, there are differences whet-o WC have followed taxonomic treatments published subsequent to those referred to in Arnold and Dc Wet (1993) or taxonomic treatments not followed by the National Herbarium in Pretoria, South Africa (PKE). The abbreviations of author names are according to Brummitt and Powell (1992). The taxa are arranged in alphabetical order by family then genus. The family names used are those most commonly used. Families which are often given alternative names are (name used here/alternative): Aloaceae/Asphodelaceae, Aizoaceae/Mesembryanthemaceae. and Asteraceae/Compositae.


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