Aloe entire genus (except A. vera) A. albida A. albiflora A. alfredii A. bakeri A. bella tula A. calcairophila A. compressa A. delphinensis A. descoingsii A. fragilis A. ha worthioides A. helenae A. laeta A. parallelifolia A. parvula A. pillansii A. polyphylla A. rauhii A. suzannae A. thorncroftii A. versicolor A. vossii PORTULACACEAE

Anacampseros entire genus Cistanthe tweedyi (Lewisia iweedyi) Lewisia cotyledon L. maguirei L. serrata

'Appendix I lists endangered species; international trade of wild specimens is banned under the terms of the CITES Convention. Appendix II lists species which may be threatened by excessive levels of trade and for which trade is permitted but controlled and monitored through a licensing system.

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