T. schmiedickeanus var. sc hwarzi i


cannot do on private land. In fact, the avid protection of their land from trespassers is also protecting the succulents that grow there from collectors.

Conservation education must be more creatively presented to the public and in schools; for too many people the terms 'conservation' and 'environment' are pejorative ideas rather than goals to be sought. Economic impacts of the Endangered Species Act have tended to polarize people against long-term protective efforts to conserve threatened or endangered species. Often such fears, though with a real economic basis, are founded on a lack of comprehensive understanding of the environmental situation.

There must also be support for continuing research on the plants that are currently listed or are candidates for listing as endangered or threatened species. The public requires clear demonstration that a plant is indeed threatened or endangered.

Also, the federal government needs to work closely with commercial nurseries in facilitating the propagation of and trade in rare and endangered succulents. The availability of propagated plants will almost certainly reduce the pressures from collectors on plants in the wild.

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