nt Euphorbiu ohtusijoliu Ma nt E. officinarum ssp. officinarum Ma nt E. officinarum ssp. echinus

1IUCN Red Data categories of global threat arc given as recorded in the Plants Database maintained by WCMC as of July 1996. Additional categories are given by Focke Albers and Hcnk t'Hart. Country categories are given in brackets following the country code.

2 In compiling this list, all the succulents recorded by Grcutcr, Burdet and Long (1984) in Med-Checklist were included, extended to the administrative limits of the countries boarding the Mediterranean Sea, plus Portugal, Crimea, Bulgaria, and Jordan. The definition of succulent followed is that given by Willert et al. (1992). The listing for Crassulaceae has been updated by Henk t' Hart, and following Eggli (1988).

1 The two-letter distribution symbols are as used by Grcutcr, Burdet, and Long (1984):

AE East Aegean Islands, Ag Algeria, A1 Albania, An Asiatic Turkey, Bl Balearic Islands, Bu Bulgaria, Co Corsica, Cr Crete and Karpathos, Cy Cyprus, Eg Egypt, Ga France, Gr Greece, Hs Spain, IJ Israel and Jordan, It Italy, Ju former Jugoslavia, Li Libya, LS Lebanon and Syria, Lu Portugal, Ma Morocco, Me Malta, RK Crimea, Sa Sardinia, Si Sicily, Sn Sinai, Tn Tunisia, Tu Turkey-in-Europe

Lampedusa Island, Italy.

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