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E. regis-jubae

ASCLEPIADACEAE Caralluma burchardii

Ceropegia cera tophora

C. chrysantha

C. dicholoma C. fusca

C. hians

C. kra inzii COMPOSITAE Kleinia nerifolia (Senecio kleinia)

Occurs on Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura; locally common but variable and a system of population protection for a wide sample of its diversity should be devised.

Confined to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, most populations are in decline especially where rcgcncrating vegetation causes excessive shading. Its main localities should be protected and the species positively managed.

Endemic to La Gomera and confined to a few localities though further exploration of the southwest may reveal new populations. Threatened by overcollection. Habitat should be protected and a management plan developed.

Confined to a single locality in the south of Tenerife and was thought to be extinct. The remaining population should be strictly protected and a recovery plan developed including ex situ conservation and restocking.

Tenerife, locally common especially on the north side, many populations in protected areas.

Abundant in the south of Tenerife and on Gran Canaria but over-collected and sometimes taken from the wild for use in gardens, for example of hotels.

A local segregate of the above from La Palma where it is locally common and El Hierro where it is confined to the cliffs of El Golfo.

North east part of La Gomera, habitats should be protected and a management plan developed.

A very common species on all the islands, it has a wide range of variability and a plan for the conservation of its ample genetic diversity should be prepared.

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