Conservation status

There has been no systematic attempt to categorise the conservation status of Madagascan succulent species. IUCN categories have been applied to various succulent groups during the 1980s based on the field knowledge of individual experts, and this information was recorded in the Plants Database now maintained by WCMC. Conservation categories are given for Madagascan succulents in Annex 7 where these are known. For the majority of species there is limited distribution data and even less site assessment information on which to base current conservation status. Taxonomic uncertainties add to the difficulties of applying conservation categories.

The main stimulus for field-based assessment of the

Pachypodium rosulatum var. stenanthu sold along a tourist route.

conservation status of succulent species known to be rare has been the listing of certain species on Appendix I of CITES. During 1992 and 1993 two field surveys were carried out in Madagascar by D. Supthut and B. von Arx under the auspices of CITES (Project No. S52). The field work involved training of local conservation personnel in succulent species identification. Three sets of herbarium specimens were made for deposition at the DEF herbarium in Antananarivo; Stadtische Sukkulenten Sammlung, Zurich, and Conservatoire et Jardin botanique in Geneva. Further survey work of this nature is a priority for the conservation of the Madagascan succulent flora.

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