The preparation of this SSC Action Plan has been a collaborative and largely voluntary venture to which many specialists have given freely of their time and expertise. Authors and contributors to the Plan are listed in Annex 17. Their work on this document, both in the initial preparation of the manuscripts, and subsequent help with additional information, review, and provision of illustrations is greatly appreciated. In turn, the authors have consulted widely in the preparation of their accounts and acknowledgements arc given at the end of individual sections as appropriate. All members of the SSC Group have been involved in the preparation of the SSC Action Plan in some way, together with many members of the IOS and experts in conservation organisations. Sincere thanks to everyone involved. Special thanks are due to Ted Anderson, Susan Carter-Holmes, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Gideon Smith, Diedrich Supthut, and Nigel Taylor for guidance and encouragement in developing the

Action Plan, and to Wendy Strahm and Robin Sears for ensuring its completion. Robin Sears played a particularly important role in assisting with the final editing, picture research and preparation of the report for publication. Thanks also go to Gary Lyons and Rob Wallace for final review of the text; and to Juan Manuel Lopez Ramirez for the Spanish translation, and Paul Strahm and Bertrand de Montmollin for the French translation of the Executive Summary. Institutional support is acknowledged from the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix; Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; and World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Financial support for preparation of the Action Plan was provided by the Peter Scott IUCN/SSC Action Plan fund.

Sara Oldfield

Secretary, IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group

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