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Mammillaria gilensis Boed.

(ilobose to short cylindrical, up to 4 cm across, sparingly ofTsetting. Spines urigirully described as brownish-yellow but in the form pictured, from Ojo Caliente, they are blackish-red. |CSA\1

dis i k i id ik in: Mexico. Aguase alien les. San (iil

Mammillaria glareosa Boed.

Flattened, usualb solitary, up to 4cm across. Closely related to M. brandcgcci. |K2(W-2/IP/k|

Dis iKllit TtON: Mexico, Baja California.

Mammillaria glassii R.A. Foster

Clustering, heads to 3 cm across; ll tiny, pink \. asccnsionis (Kepp.) (ilass \ Poster (illus ); ll 1.8 2 2 cm broad (\ueu> I.eon, Ascension), v. nominis-dulcis I an; heads lo 5 cm broad, ll lo 1.8 cm acmss (N.I... Dulees Nombres) \. sibcrieosis I ju lo 10 cm across (N.I.., Siberia). |CS/PM|

dim Klin iion: Mexico, \uevo I.eon i»ear I )icciocho de Marao.

oi litK NVMhs; v. aseen W iisirmu>ais


Mummilhirin gracilis PleifT.

C>lindnc. up lo 10 cm high by 4.5 cm, prolihcally offsetting;

csp described as light to dark brown. I'l 1.3 cm across, yellowish-white. The densely whitc-spincd form normally seen is a cultivar Tukhclla'. |l'|

Dts i Kim i ion: Mexico: I lidalgo around Mc/titlan and

Zimapan. (¿ucrctan. San Joaquin.

oliok Nwits: W.[rugilis.

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