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Mammillaria magallanii Schmoll ex Craig

Sparingly clumping, stems to (i cm high by 4.5 cm; csp (I I usually straight, may be hooked. Probably only a I'orm of M. lasiacantha. (CS/F.| distribution: Mexico, Coahuila, near Parras O i hi.r WMt s: .W. mumccntra, W. wag. v. Iiiimaitspinu, 11, ntobertrandiam.

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Mammillaria mugnifica Buchenau

Dumping, individual stems to 40 cm high and cm acniss. v. minor Much, from a separate population is smaller and more weakly spined |CS/P|

disirihi iion: Mexico, Morelos. HI I'enon de Amayuca, between Cuautla and l/ucar de Matamoros

Comunidad Amayuca Mapa

Mammillaria magnimamma Haw. Very variable, clustering with heads up to 12 cm across. Csp short and fairly straight thr< ugh to long and curved or even twisted. FI deep pink to pale yellow. |K254/IIVK|

distriiii hon: Mexico, Hidalgo; S San I.uis Potosi and near Mexico City.

o i ill K nwii-s. ,W. (cnirianha, .11. Jlavmrens, .W. tfadiute, W. mturmmha, .If Irtdtariii, .If. rtigaspinu.

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Mammillaria mainiac k. Brandegce

Clustering, stems 12 cm broad by 10-15 cm. |HS/PM| DISTRIBUTION: S Arizona and Mexico. Sonora. near \ogales.

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Mammillaria mammillaris (L.) Karsten

Usually solitary, up (o S cm high hv 5 cm. Fl minuic. |CS/PM|

DISTRIBUTION: Lesser \niillcs. Mime islands of the Netherlands Antilles and widespread in Venezuela. < i'l I it.k N\MI s: ?Ai. eknanii, W. fneuJosimpfa, If. simplex.

.Mammillaria maritima (Lindsay) D.R. Hunt

Forming clumps I m in diameter, stems to 50 cm high by 3-7 cm broad. Fl 3 cm long, scarlet |IIV\V|

distribution: Mexico, Baja California, Punta Itlanca.

o'lHI.K \ ami s: Okhcmiea maritima.

Durango Sinaloa Border Cactus

Mammillaria marksiana Krain/.

Hod\ bright green, up lo 5 cm lall by S cm. laicr clumping.

DISTRIBUTION; Mexico, Sinaloa. W Sierra \ladre and in Durango in the (^uebrada de Topia.

Sinaloa Cactus

Mammillaria matliildac

Kraehenbuehl & Krain/

Clustering, stems 5-0 cm tall and 5 cm across. |CS/PM|

his i Kim hon: Mexico, Querctaro, near La Canada.

Mammillaria matudac H. Bravo

Solitary or clustering from the base, stems to 30 cm or more high to 5 cm broad, v. scrpentiforniis I'inkau has stems up to 1.55 m long (Guerrero, Id l^guna) |CS/P.M| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Lajinta.

Mammillaria ma/atlanensis

Sch. ex Guerkc

Clumping, stems cxlindric up to 12 im high h\ 4 c-m. |Rcpp080/CS/\V|

Dis i kim ' i ion: Mexico, Sinaloa. Ma/atlan. otllkr n vxils: ,lf. patonii, M. sinalotnsis.

Sinaloa Cactus

Mammillaría mclalcuca Karxv. Usually solitary, globular, glossy green. (CS/F.| DISlKIHliTtON: Mexico, Tamaulipas, ncarjaumave. OTIIKR NAM KS: ¡kluhnthdIf mdaltua.

Mammillaria mciacantha Knglm.

Solitary, flattened-gWbular, up to II cm across. |I1S/PM|

IMS I Rim hon: SK \rizona, New Mexico, Texas and in

Mexico southwards to Zacatecas

OTHER NWIES: M. pimmijera v. mamunlha, ;Vf. hcyden v. mriaiar.

Mammillaria mclanoccntra Poselger Solitan, up lo 16 cm high b\ 11 cm, bluish-green; csp up to 5.5 cm long. IT 2.5 cm broad, pink. |KI65-I/IIS/PM| IMSTRlliirriON: Mexico, Nuevo I.eon, lluastcca Canyon and elsewhere near Monterrey . OTIIKR NAMES: M aithdt, M. rvnyonii

Mammillaria mcissncri Ehrenb. Stems cylindric, up to 12.5 cm high by 2.5 cm, tilTselting from the sides. 'ITic plant pictured, I .679, is one of a uumlKT of contenders for this name, some of which are wider-bodied, less freeh-clumping plants with less wool. [1.679/IP/KJ

DISTRIBUTION: Originally given as just .Mexico, 1.679 is from between San Antonio and Calapa, Oaxaca.

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Mammillaria mcrcadcnsis Patoni

(¿lobular, up to 5 cm across, forming small clusters; fmit red. v. guillauminiana (Blbg.) Repp., heads slightly bntader, fruit white (F.l Salto, Durango). |CS/PM| distribution: Mexico, Durango, Cerro Mercado. otiikr names: At. oram/mis. v. guillaum.: St. guillaum.

Propagar Cactus Imagenes

Mammillaria meyranii Bravo

Stein columnar up to 55 cm long In 5 cm, clustering from ihe basc. |Repp968/CS/PM|

l>LSTRimrnt>n: Mexico, Valley of ihe Rio Tilosioc and

Michoacan, barranca of San Jose Puma.

OTHKR NVMES: M. meyranii v. mith'kuana, possibly

'/Vf. miihoafanensii'.

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Mamniillaria microhclia Werd.

Stems up to 15 cm long by 3.5 4.5 cm, clustering from the base with age. IT white ti» vellowish-grecn, sometimes pink.

di.mkihl i ion: Mexico, Queretaro, Sierra tie /amorano. i i i hi k n \Ml-_s: W. mumhdiopsis.

Mamniillaria michcana Ticgel

Clustering, stems up to 15 cm long by 5 cm; ll 15 mm long, pale yellow. Intermediate between M. elongata and M. densispina. |\\ | dim kim tton: Mexico, Queretaro.

Mamniillaria micro thele Muehlenpfordt

I leads llattened, up to H cm across. eventually clustering; H white. |MIti/IP/K)

distkilit Hon: Mexico, Tamiulipas and San l.uis Poiosi, E of I iui/ache.

otiikk nimfcs: M mnmlketf v. supafma n.n.

Mamniillaria milleri (B. & R.) Boed. Clustering, heads up to 15 cm high by 5 cm; 11 2.5 cm broad [PM79/HS/P.M|

distkimtidn: Arizona, P. California and N Sonora, Mexico.

otiikk nvmks: M. mn riharpu & tan.

Mamniillaria niicgiana Larle Solitary, up to 16 cm high b\ 10 cm. |K207/IP/K| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Sonora, between the Rio Sonora and Rio Moctezuma, NI of Ua-s.

Mamniillaria niocllcriana Boed.

Solitary, globose to short-cylindric, ip to 11 cm high and 10 cm broad; ll pale pink or while with yellow ish midstripc.

distribution: Mexico, Durangoand near Jerez, Zacatecas.

oihik nam is: M ma'pcrac.

Mammillaria moLlcndorftiana Shurlv

Soiiun, up in .15 im hi^h b\ 10 tm |K253/IP/K| ihmkihi i kin Mcvicii. I lidalgo between Cardonal and Sanctiian»

Mammillaria montícola Rcpp.

Usually Militar), to 8 cm high I») a cm, n>j» 20-27, 2-5 mm long, white; csp I 2,2-3 mm long, brow* or whitish tipped brown. I'l 18 mm broad, dark carmine. Closely related to M. conspicua |R<pp844/IP/Repp| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Puebla, Puente Marques.

Mammillaria morganiana Tiegel

Stem 8 cm briuiJ, tu print mi' clumps, isp

4-5, 10 mm. white tipped brown; rsp 40-50, hairlike, white. I"he plant illustrated, K112. seems to fit the original desenpuon flirty closely. |KI I2/IP/K| DISTRIBUTION: Mcxico, (iuanajualr.

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Mammillaria muchlcnpfordtii 1'oerst. Globular, to 15 on broad. |K149-I/IP/K| IBs i kim hon. Mexico: (¿uerctaro; (iuanajuato and S San Luis Potosi.

Mammillaria niultidigitata

[Radlcv] ex Lindsay

I leads cvlindric, 20 cm long by 5 cm. forming large clumps. [CS/PMJ

DISTRIBUIION Mexico. Itaja C^aliliirnia, San Pedro Nolasco Is.

Mammillaria multiscta Lhrenb.

(■lobular, up lo 12 cm high by 8 cm, sometimes dichotomizing. T he plant illustrated, Repp '>40, appears to lit the original description rcasombh well.


distribution: Mexico, original description without locality, reported by Hravo & Reppenhagen fnim Puebla, between Pctblzingo and Acallan.


Mammillaria nniiultii Sch. Spherical lo elongated, up to 7 cm broad The plant illustrated has become wi Jch distributed as this species but does not exactly lit the original brief desc ription and illustration. |CS/P.M|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, originally without locality Present plants originally came from Neva do dc Toluca, Mexico [)F.

Mammillaria mystax Mart.

Solitary , to 30 cm high by 15 cm. |K226/IP/k| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico: Puebla and Oaxaca. OTHER NAMES: M. iilrofhrm, if. cmpitela, M. mutaHlis, Af. nmmptax.

Mammillaria nagliana Repp.

To 9 cm high by 8 cm, clumping; rsp 5-7, 4-11 mm long, glass) tipped dark, csp 1, -1-20 mm long, glassy brown lipped black. Kl 18 mm across bright vellow. (Repp 1045/ IP/Rcpp|

distribution: Mexico, Michoacan, Aguililla.

Mammillaria nana Bkbg. ex R. Mottram

Solitary or clusicring, brads to 4 cm across. |CS/\V| disiriiumon: Mexico, San l.uis Potosi, road to llalnearios de Lourdes.

other nvxlls: w moKanciitruninlhu', 'M. rawHi'.

Mammillaria napina Purpus

Usually solitary, 4-6 cm broac. PI 4 cm across. |CS/F.| Dis iribl i ion: Mexico, Pucbli, near Tehuacan.

Mammillaria nazasensis (Glass & Foster) Repp.

Freeh clustering, heads 2-4 cm across. |CS/PM| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Uurango, neir the Rio \azas. OTHER NAMES: M. pcrnispinosa v. naziscnsis.

Mammillaria ncjapcnsis Craig & Dawson Body to 15 cm high by 7.5 cm. offsetting or branching dichotoniouslv. Apparently just a distinctive form of M. karwinskiana |CS/PM| DISTRIIH HON: Mexico, Oaxaea, N'ejapa.

Mammillaria neopalmeri Craig

Heads up to ') cm high by 5 cm, stronglv clumping.


DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Baja California. San Benito Island.

Small Cactus Identification

Mammillaria nivosa Link ex Pfeift*.

Solitary or clustering, globular, lo 7 mm biuad. I'l. 1.5 cm long, cream. |CS/F.C|

DISTRIBUTION: Numerous islands in the West Indies. OTHER NAMES: Vf. flarcvens r. nivosa.

Mammillaria noureddineana Repp.

Solitan. up to 15 en high by 8 cm. Rsp 15-20, 2-4 mm. white; csp 4 6,4 -5 mm, while with a brown tip. I'l 10 mm broad, carmine Fruit red. |K223/IP/k|

DISIRIBIHON: Mexico, Oaxaea, San I.azaro.

Mammillaria nunezii (B. R.) Orcutt

Usually solitary. to 15 cm or mure high, 8 cm across. Csp straight or occasionally hocked. [K28I/IP/K]

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Guerrero, Cerro de ßuenavista de Cucllar and Taxco.

Mammillaria obconella Scheidw. Solitan , up to 30 cm or more high, 12 cm across. |K314/IP/K|

DISTRIIIITTON. Mexico: Hidalgo, Met/titlan and Venados, S San Luis Potosi; Qucretaro Toliman, Guanajuato. \\ of Xiehu.

OTHER NAMES; M. dalnhwntra, If. telramntha.

Mammillaria occidcntalis (B. & R.) Boed.

Stem cvlindnc to 15 cm High b\ 3 cm, Mn»ngl> dumping. Csp 4 -5. the lowest booked or "straight |ISII235/IP/GC|

distribution: Mexico, Colima, near Man/anillo.

Mammillaria orcuttii Boed. Solitan, globose to short-cyindric to 20 cm tall by 12 cm. The plant pictured, PM30, I'om hills W ol Santa (jtanna, San l.uis Potosi corresponds well to the original illustration.

distribution: Mexico, originally reported from Puehla, probably in ern>r, present collections arc from San I .uis Potosi.

Mammillaria otcroi Glass & Köster Profusely clustering, heads to 4 cm across. |CS/PM| distribution: Mexico, Oaxaca, Alta Mixtcca. near Hucnavista de la Concepcion.

Mammillaria pachyeylindriea Bkbg. Solitary, up to 2b cm high b\ 11 cm. |KI85/IP/K| distribution; Mcxico, originally without locality, recent collections from Nazas, Durango.

Manimillaria paeifiea

Flattened-globular, up to 15 cm across, often clumping. Closely related to M. pctrophila. (KI«M-I/IP/K| disikiiii. hon: Mexico, Baja California, just \ of Todos Santos.

Mammillaria papasquiarensis (Bravo) Repp.

Globular to 30 cm and more across. |K294/IP/K| distribution: Mexico, Monte Blanco. S of Nazas. otiikr names: M. ia»paicws. v. pep.

Mammillaria purkinsonii Ebrenb.

Heads 15 cm high and 8 cm broad branching dichotomously 1» form large groups. |K85/IP/K| l>ls I KIM HON: .Mexico, Hidalgo, near San Onofre in the Mineral del Doctor,

OH IKK \ VXIKS: M .¡uriarenlii, tl at Ha-camachoi, M infcrnillcnsif. M. queretarita, .11. rostnsis, .W. licgdiana, \I. lVtlW)ifillh).

Mammillaria parrasensis Rcpp.

Body to 6 cm high by 10 cm, bra netting when old; rsp 5 - 7,

2-10 mm long; csp 1, 5-7 mm long. Fl 3 cm wide, whitish-pink. Closely related to M. grusonii


DlSiKint I io\: Mexico, Cohuila, Partus.

Mammillaria pcctinifera

(Ruempler) Web. Solitary, to 7 cm high by 4 cm. fCS/PM] DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Puebla, near Tchuacan. OTHKR NAMKS: Sotisia pediruitu.

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Mammillaria pcninsularis

Flattened-glohular, to 5 cm across. |I)HS|

Mammillaria pennispinosa Krainz Body 4 cm across, eventually clustering. |CS/PM| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico. SW Coahuila and N Durango

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Baja California, Cabo San Lucas. between Bermejillo and Mapimi.

ohi1.k names: W. p<7tn. r. nasaitmit - M. na/asensts.

Mammillaria pcrbclla llildm. ex Sch.

Heads to 6 cm across, branching jichotomously to form small clumps. (K|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico; Hidalgo, Tollman and Queretaro, San Pablo

OTHKR NAMKS: Probably If. aljibnsis.


Mammillaria pcrc/delarosae Bravo & Scheinvar

Solitary or clustering, hïatls to 7.5 cm high by 4.5 cm. [IIS/RI

DISTRIBIrnoN: Mexico. Jalisco.

Mammillaria pctrophfla K. Brandegee Bodies 15 cm high and broad, axils vet) wooll\. |I,0>2/CS/\V|

ihsikjbi/mon: Mexico. Haja California. Sierra de la Faguna and San Francisquito.

Mammillaria pcttcrssonii Flildm.

(»lobular, to 30 cm across, usually solitary. spine length and colour variable. |IIS ex DISTRIBUTION: Mexico Recent collections from near the city of Guanajuato; original locality nut given OTtltJt NVMI-S Probably W. ofemrr, M. pilensis.

Mammillaria phitauiana (Baxter) Werd. Stems cvlindrical to 25 cm high, cvcntoallv clumping. |K3U-Î/IP/K|

Dis I RHU HON: Mexico, in the less arid parts of the central part of the Cape region of Haja Calilomia

Mammillaria picta Mcinshauscn Heads becoming elongated to 4 cm across, eventually clumping. |CS/F.|

DISTRiBtrilON: Mexico, Tamaiilipas, Rio Blanco. OTHER NAMES: M aunsacta, Af, uhichana.

Mammillaria pilcaycnsis Bravo

Stems to 50 cm high by 5 cm, spines whitish-yellow, sometimes tipped red. A member of the M. spinosissima complex (CS/P.MI

Dis I Kim HON: Mexico In the Harran.a de Pilcaya, (iuerrero and Barranca de Malinaltcnango, Mexico DP".

OTHER NAMES: \1. piuayemh.

Mini Cactus Identification

Mammilliiriii pilispina Ptirpus

Hcads lo 4.5 cm across forming small clumps |CS/W| Dismiui IU)N: Mexico, San l.uis Potosi, Minas de San Rafael.

Maniniillaria phimosa Web.

Forming large mounds, heids in 7 cm across. 1*1 sparinnlv produced |IP/I'|

distribution: Mexico: Coahuila, Manposa and in \uevo l.eon, lluasleca Caiyon.

Mammillaria polyedra Mart.

Siems 10 cm high and broad, eventually dumping Rsp 2-4, uppers 3-4 mm long, lower 6-25 mm long. |CS/\\ | DISTRIBUTION: Mcrico, Oaxaca, e.g. Tonala and I luajuapan

Cactus Identification Photo Guide

Mam miliaria polvthele Mart.

Solitarx, cvlindric io60 cm tall bv 10 cm. A ver\ uriablc species |R)-059/CS/\V|

DIS1KIBI HON: Mexico, Hidalgo, between Zimapan and Actopan.

Ol'IIKR NAMES: W. ajjinis, If. ncuphaeacanlha,

31. hojjmiwniana, W. Ldhrriunu, W. kcnvmis> M. subdurispina,

Maniniillaria pondii Greene Stems cy lindric to 30 cm high by 4 cm, branching sparingly. PI nearly 5 cm leng, scarlet (F) distribution: Mexico, Ihja California, Cedros Island. other naxies: Coflionittt pondii.

Mamniillaria poselgeri I lildm.

Stems long and slender to 2 m long by 4-5 cm. branching from the base and soon sprawling. |CS/PM|

distriiiution: Mexico, lower elevations of Cape region of Itaja California.

other names: Cvhcmka p*nclf>cri

Mammillaria pottsii Scheer ex S-D

Stems cylindm, lo 15 cm high bv 4 cm, dumping multicaulis Repp., very strongly clumping, stems slimmer (l.crdo, Durango). v. gigas Repp ; stouter, to 25 cm long and 7 cm broad (I .a Cardona, /.acatecas) (CS/WI

disiriih hon: S Texas through \ Mexico S lo Zacaiccas.

Mammillaria priessnitzii Repp. Solitary, flattened-globular, J-9 cm high b\ 3—11 cm. Rsp 4-5, 2-7 mm long, white tipped br»>wn. Csp 1-2, 4-15 mm long, thicker, grey or brown with black lip. I'l lb mm across. |K258/IP/K

DIS I RIIIITION: Mexico, Qucretaro, Jalpan.

Mammillaria pringlci

(Coulter) K. Hrandegee

Stems to 20 cm high In 15 cm, soluary or branching dichotoniouslv. I'l purple 10 mm acmss. |CS/\V|

DISI KIM IION: Mexico. San I uis I'olosi, e.g. Toltenango and Jilotopei. OTHER N\Mhs; If parents

Mammillaria prolifera (Miller) Haw.

Meads 4 5 cm broad. Jumping, v. arachnoidca D.R. Hunt from Tamsulipas & Hidalgo. haitensis (K. Schum.) Borg from Haiti and v. tcxana (Posdger) Borg from Texas differ mainlv in details of spination and stem size. |SB7I.VCS/PM| IMS! RIBLTION: Cuba

Mammillaria pscudocrucigcra Craig Solitary or clustering, heads to 9 cm across. |K86/IP/K| distriui iion: Mexico. Queretaro, Bcrnal

Mammillaria pscudoperbclla Quchl

Usually solitary, to 10 cm high bv 8cm |IP/K|

DIsiriih hon. Mexico, originally without locality, recently reported from Qucretaro, Higuerillav

OTHER NAMES: W. mil'turps, Vf. pusilla.

Small Cactus Identification

Mammillaria pubcrula Rcpp. Solitary or rarely sprinting from I he base lo form small clumps. Stems I - 5 cm high by 2 6 cm; rsp 14-19, 4-6 mm long; csp 3 4, 7 II mm long, thicker than the rsp, the lowest hooked. I'l 15 IS mm across, white to yclkiwish |CS/PM|

DIMKIHl Hon Mexico, San I.uis Potosi, Solis.

Mammillaria pullihamata Rcpp.

Body solitary, to 6 cm high by 5 cm. |IP/K| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Oaxaca, Nejapa, near Portillo.

Usually clustering, stems to 10 cm high by 5.5 cm. ICS/PMI

distribution: Mexico, S Queretaro. othfjt names: if. mollihamata, .11 aulereyUna, f \i. ftaintcn, lf. pubispina.

Small Clumping CactusSmall Clumping Cactus

Mammillaria rccrispina (Dawson) Rcpp. Heads 6 cm high by 5 cm, often later clumping. |CS/k| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico. Ba|a California, Cedros Island. OTIIhK NA.XIK.S: W. fimdriehii v. reclifpina

Mammillaria rckoi (B. & R.) Yaupel

Solitary, to 12 cm high by 5-6 cm. I.ower csp hooked or straight. |FO-022/CS/PM| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Oavaca, Mitla. otmkk M mitlensh, if fwiuforAm, "W rehtiana'

Mammillaria reppenhagenii I ).R. I lunt

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Colima, Rancho Tecuán, Cerra Barrigón and nearby on Ccnro de Carrizal.

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